Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

It's been a hectic, HAPPY holiday season here - it'll be fun to do my first "official" update for 2009. In the meantime, I just wanted to hop in and wish all my sweet blogging friends a Happy New Year! I hope you each have a blessed start to a New Year filled with love, laughter and happiness!!!!
Celebrate safely!!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finishes Framed....

I wanted to share pics of the way that my sweetie framed my finishes for me. I just couldn't be any happier with the work that he did. He always amazes me with his ability to look at a piece of my needlework and "feel" the way that a frame would accent it the best. (I especially love the lights that he drilled into "Deck the Halls" and his perfect red and white candy-stripes on the snowman box!) These are the gifts for my mom's neighbors...I must admit that it was a wee bit hard to box them up and send them away - I just adore them and think that I might just be re-stitching them for me eventually! :)
Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! (I give thanks that calories don't count on turkey day!!!) :)


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some finishes for Christmas...

Here are pics of the last two finishes that I really needed to complete for Christmas gifts for this year. It feels SO good to have these under my belt! Right now, I'm working on Glory Bee's "Happily Ever After". This piece will be staying in our home!! :)

It's nice to know that I can move along on a couple of my WIP's (definitely want to get back to "Delicate Beauties" and "Come and Share" and maybe start a new project too!!! :)

Completed Projects Info:
LK's "Winter boxer"
28 ct "sand" linen
Christmas gift for one of my mom's neighbors

Shepherd's Bush "Deck the Halls"
28 ct "sand" linen
Christmas gift for another one of my mom's neighbors

To catch up on my last post...our homeschool "frog" adventure ...umm...didn't go so the words of the song say..."another one bites the dust". How should I put this? The best equation we could come up with was "tadpole in mailbox, left in hot Florida sun for a few hours = froggie funeral." Never mind that the words in bright red, BOLD letters on the box reminded the mailman NOT to place the box in the mailbox but to do door delivery - - grrr.....we'll be trying this experiment again once a "Florida chill" moves in later in the winter. In the meantime, we've moved on to studying geology...and I'm happy to say that nary a rock has been harmed thus far in our journey!! We're really enjoying this study and I'm sorry, I just can't resist adding this, "Geology rocks"!!! :) :) :) :)
Can you tell my health (though apparently NOT my humor!) is improving?! Thanks for all the love and prayers - - -
"Rock" on!!!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Catching up - - - (again!)

Nothing much new to show - I'm about 1/3 way finished with Lizzie Kate's Winter Boxer design. I'll post a pic when it's completed.
I'm VERY happy to report that I've not needed a transfusion since my last post!! :) It feels so good to be "up and at 'em" and "cautiously optimistic" again re: my bone marrrow. Life is good!!!
Ian and I are going to be "growing a frog" for our next homeschooling project. So far, I've seen my way through an ant farm, hatching butterflies and blowing up a volcano - I'm certainly not going to let a frog get the best of me!! (Am I????) :)
Ribbit, ribbit!!!
Thanks for sharing a piece of my day,

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Getting Better Every Day!!!

After a few more "unfortunate setbacks", I'm now VERY happy to say that I'm finally up and feeling better!!! I REALLY AM!!! I think I've had enough blood transfusions the past couple of months to keep any vampire happy for a lifetime - but I'm glad that the technology exists - these transfusions have completely turned my life around! I still tire out faster than I used to (wow - does that make me sound OLD - lol), but at least I'm up, around, out and about again.
I'm even back to stitching and I have a finish to show. This little fellow is another "thank you" gift to one of my mom's neighbors. Mom has been so blessed to have the nicest neighbors and I just wanted to make a little something to say "thanks" for all they do for her. I have two more "neighbor" gifts for Mom, then I'm back to stitching for ME!!
We're also back full-speed ahead at our homeschooling. Right now, we're studying "scientific inquiry", which means LOTS of experiments! This week will be the "floating egg", "surface tension", and "what does soap do to water" experiments. Inquiring minds want to know! lol :) We're especially enjoying our current reading, "Hans Brinker". I KNOW that I read Hans when I was in school, but it's been a lot of fun re-visiting him and sharing him with Ian.
Keep blogging - I so enjoy my "visits" with each of you!
(Edited to add - the snowman piece is from a Bucilla kit called "Snow Buddy". I usually don't like kits, but I just couldn't resist this little guy!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let's Try this Again.....

Hmmm....after my ambitious, boastful post that I was home, the God of humor laughed at me and sent me promptly on my way BACK to the hospital. My hemocrit/hemoglobin/iron levels dropped dramatically again after being home for just a short I had to check back into the "hospital hotel".
Ironically, I was so proud when I received my gallon pins for being a blood donor - now I feel like I should send those pins back - I've now taken far more that I ever gave! :(
I'm really optimistic that after this latest round of blood and other "goodies" that I received while being held hostage (err....a patient), that I'm finally on my way to being "normal" again. By nature, I normally have a rather annoying "perky" personality. I can't say that I've felt very perky at all lately. I've actually been flirting w/ fighting a bout of depression. I HATE being out of control of my life and not being able to just will myself to feel better.
All that to say - I haven't felt like blogging or stitching much at all lately. I'm hoping to change that in the very near future though - - - maybe I got really lucky and got some "flying fingers stitcher's blood". (hahaha). Anyone donate blood that stitches w/ "flying needles"??? :)
I hope all my blogging friends are doing well - I hope to be around to visit w/ each of you very soon.
Avoiding hospital gowns w/ a passion!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Home is a WONDERFUL place to be!!!

It's SO good to be home! While I'm grateful for wonderful hospital care, it just can't compare to the peace and warmth of home! I'm starting to feel more like myself again - and it feels SOOOO good!!! I never realized how much I missed "anytime access" to family hugs and kisses, my own sheets, a GOOD cuppa tea anytime I choose (although Sweetie was wonderful to bring me my favorite steaming mugs of various flavors from home!) and well, just being "HOME".
My blood numbers still aren't great, but they are better so we're choosing to focus on the "attitude, not the altitude". :)
On another WONDERFUL note - Praise God, Sweetie's test results came back just fine!Worrying about his test results was a HUGE load on my mind - I'm so grateful for the power of prayer - and that the answers were so good!!!
Speaking of prayer, so many folks in our area could use it! Tropical storm "Fay" parked right over our county and just wouldn't leave!! Some spots received upwards of 30 inches - nasty, nasty, nasty. Some homes were damaged worse from "Fay" than they ever were during the hurricanes of '04. Ian's tennis coach has 2-feet of water in his home. We were blessed with being unscathed from any water in our home - but the beach erosion is terrible. It will be nice when the beaches are back to being "beautiful"!!!
I've started stitching a few stitches here and there as my energy levels permit, but I don't really have any progress to show yet. Hopefully, that will change soon and I'll be back out and about and making sure the world knows I'm here before long.
Thank you all for the kind comments - bloggers are the best!!!
Hugs from HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Yes, I'd like some cheese w/ my "whine"....

Good grief - what a rough time we've had at our house lately! I've been feeling "rough", to say the least, for quite some time. I knew that my anemia was a problem, but I never really took it very seriously. In fact, I started thinking that maybe I was feeling so awful because I wasn't exercising. (per Dr.'s orders). Anyway, I thought that if I would start really pushing myself physically, I'd start feeling great. Wrong-O!!!! I lost over 30 pounds in a 5-week time frame (like that part!!) but I still felt worse and worse. So, I kept playing tennis and really, really giving it my all on the court. (We're talking 3 - 4 hours of tennis in Florida's summer sun!) I didn't want to whine about how bad I was feeling, so I just kept on going and doing and running like I love to do. My heart would bother me at the weirdest times (waking out of a sound sleep w/ a pounding in my ears, racing heartbeat, fainting upon standing at times, constant nausea, not even having the energy to "drag" a needle through a piece of fabric exhausted, (even blogging!) the list goes on and on. My life literally just crashed and now I'm paying the price. Last week, I was on the court and passed out. When I came around, I honestly thought I was dying. I couldn't breathe or think or anything...a trip to the ER found that my hemglobin/hematocrit was 6.0. (normal is 12-15). I had no "registerable" levels of b12 or ferritin (which is the amount of iron your body has stored or potassium (which your heart needs to help it beat normally). My blood pressure was 55/40. Long story short, I've wound up in the hospital w/ transfusions, IV iron, etc, etc, etc. We may also be "looking forward" (yea, right!) to a bone marrow transplant and a pace maker. Apparently, the severe anemia has damaged my heart and it keeps "forgetting" to beat. I can't get the pacemaker 'till my blood levels hop back towards normal - surgery would be too risky at this point w/ my current numbers.
Thank goodness for good health care! I am feeling better and hoping that I'll be able to go home sometime towards the end of this week or the beginning of next week.
I'm SO grateful to have good insurance. We'll have a few co-pays of course, but we only owe $100 for the hospital stay. (We met our family deductible during Ian's medical adventures earlier this year).
Now for a "humorous" note to all of this - - part of the reason that I was ignoring a lot of my symptoms was because my Sweetie (the big one!) has been scheduled for a biopsy for possible cancer. I wanted to be there for him when he had the procedure. His test was scheduled for Thursday. I asked for prayers on some of my yahoo groups and from our church early Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon, Sweetie was calling the church back and asking prayer for ME. (I like to keep the parishoners confused!!) lololol. He went ahead and had his test (I insisted - ok. threatened!!!) that he go ahead and have it done - I don't want to worry any longer than I really need to. We'll get the results of his test this Thursday. Please add him to your prayer lists/positive thoughts/good vibes (your choice!) for good results.
Anyway, I'm being treated really well - I just have the sweetest nurses! I do so miss being home though!! Thank goodness for laptops and wireless (and the Olympics!) - at least I've had some "tv entertainment" that I've enjoyed during my "incarceration", stay. Today is the first time that I've felt like even looking at the computer so I'm taking that as a good sign!! Needless to say, I have no stitching to show - but I'm hoping that I will feel good enough for that soon.
I appreciate all the wonderful comments that I've received and I apologize for not acknowledging your has just kinda stunk lately!
Anyway, I think I'm finished complaining for a while - I won't be stitching for a while - but I do hope to get back to blog visiting (I should be able to muster energy for THAT!!) lolol.
In the meantime, STAY WELL(!!!) and make the moments count!!!
Many hugs (from tropical storm-ridden Florida - another stress for this week!!!)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Simply Enjoying Summer....

I've really been enjoying summer this year!! We've taken a nice break from "officially" homeschooling - although the wonderful, blessed moments of learning never really (thankfully!!!) end. We've been taking some time and just reading together for "fun". "Black Beauty", "Blue Willow", and "The Prince and the Pauper" are some that we've finished thus far...our list of summer "wanna reads" grows longer with every trip to Barnes and Noble and the library.
We've been SO blessed that Ian's health grows better everyday by leaps and bounds! He looks so good and is finally gaining a bit of weight and "talling up" nicely. He's made a wonderful recovery from his surgery - it's been a long road - but we're so grateful to see the great results! He's back to playing tennis full-time and feeling great! It's so good to be back full-swing (pun intended) at our tennis. There's not much I love more than being on the court and really putting my all into a good game. Win or lose, I LOVE the game!
I've also found extra stitching time that I've really been enjoying! It's felt good to be stitching on "Delicate Beauties" again...I just love this design and it's colors. It's nice to feel enthusiasm for this piece again. (Only two and a half more pages to stitch before it's finished!) :) :) :)
We've also been spending lots of time on the beach and at Disney. With the high gas prices, we've been sticking pretty close to home...we're blessed that we're close to two of our favorite hang-outs. The beach for heat-relief and Disney, just for some good family fun! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely blogs and your sweet comments. I've "met" some of the sweetest folks on the "net". Blessings to you all - -


Still another tea finish!! :)

This is a quick finish I just made for our kitchen. It's from Lizzie Kate's tea leaflet. With a tea-themed kitchen, this is a great fit!


A Christmas Finish

This is my first Christmas gift finish for '08. It's Lizzie Kate's "Warm Wishes". My Mom asked me to make something "Christmasy" for her neighbor (who loves birds and snowmen) - so I thought this would be a good choice. I still have two more gifts to stitch (for my Mom at her request- she has wonderful neighbors!) and then I need to get busy on Christmas gifts for MY neighbors!! :)

Thought I'd share...Keep beating the heat!! :)


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My stitching buddy - -

I thought you might like to see who's beside me every stitch of the way - - this is our little sweetie and she's always sure to be my "stitching shadow". I don't think I've put many stitches into a piece at all but where she's cuddled up as close as can be. She's a Japanese Chin and I just can't say enough good things about this sweet little breed. Now, if I could only get her to chase away those darn frogs - what stitchers call mistakes - (we have to rip-it, rip-it - get it??) :) , she'd just be perfect!
Oh - and you'd NEVER guess her name!!! :) I'm not making this up - her name is "Tea-Tsu". Knowing me, you just knew I'd have to sneak in the "tea" somewhere, right??? :) :) :) (and no, I'm not "tea"sing about her name - that's what it really is!!!! (sorry, couldn't help it!!) :)
Thanks for letting me share a moment of your day with you. I love the comments so very much -


Friday, June 13, 2008

Two more treasures - - -

These are more "already stitched" items that we have in our home. The "sons" piece is a Lizzie Kate design. I changed a few of the colors a wee bit to better suit my liking and once again, my "honey of a hubby" did the framing. This piece lives in our family room. I just love the sentiment on this piece!! My not-so-little fellow gives the best hugs in the world and is truly God's gift to me.

Now, lest you thought you could get away from my blog without a mention of tea, no such luck, my friends!!! :) :) :) I just love needlerolls...this basket holds my "most favorites". (The tea part? If you look in front, there's a tea for two design!) lol The apple basket was a gift from my Mom...after many failed attempts to "make off" with hers, she bought me one of my own!! (persistance pays off!) :)

I wish you each a lovely week-end!!


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We Love Tea...

Yes, we do!!! I loved the process of stitching this piece...the colors are a perfect match for our kitchen/eat-in area. This hangs on the wall right above our table where we eat most of our meals. Hubby framed this one - I love the little circles he cut and the little teapots that he chose to put into those circles. (Click on the photo to pick up the details). I think the framing really helps this piece come to life. I just love that this is a "hobby" that hubby and I enjoy creating together! :) Hope you enjoy the picture -thanks so much for all the lovely comments - they just make my day!!

Have some tea for me, (sweet and iced, please - I'm in the south, ya know!!) :)


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another "favorite"

This is one of my favorite pieces in my stitching history! I stitched this piece of a tea ceremony in honor of my sweet mother-in-love. I was so blessed to have a wonderful relationship w/ my mother-in-law...she welcomed me with open arms into her heart. "Mom" raised eight children on a meager income w/ an alcoholic, abusive husband and didn't complain about her lot in life much at all. She nursed that same husband through the last few painful months of his life as though she were an angel. One of her favorite memories was of a trip to Japan...and the joys of tea. This dear woman loved her tea and everything about the "ceremony" of tea. When she passed, I knew that I wanted to stitch a "tribute" to her. I found this design and it "sang" to my heart. I HAD to stitch this!! By far, this is the most difficult piece that I've ever stitched - it was a "joyful challenge". This was the piece that inspired my hubby to take up framing my stitching! He wanted to be a part of this tribute to his Mom. He took the task and ran with it. I think he did an AWESOME job!!! This now hangs in our family room and I look at it every day and remember Mom.

I hope I'll have some new progress on projects to show soon - but in the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy seeing some of the "treasures" in our home.


Friday, May 16, 2008

"These are a few of my favorite things...."

I've decided that since I haven't made enough progress to show on my current stitching piece, I thought that I might start posting a few "oldies, but goodies" that I've made in the past. These are pieces that are displayed in our home. This little "tea bear" was among the first pieces I ever stitched on linen. I think she's a cutie and she fits in perfectly in my "tea theme" kitchen. My Sweetie framed this piece and that makes it even more special to me! I love to decorate our home with themes for each room and a "tea" kitchen seemed like the perfect choice for us when we built our new home. I'll have some other postings of more of my favorites in the days to come. I hope you'll enjoy your peek into "my life".

Have a wonder-filled week-end!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

What a treasure!!

Isn't this just a wonderful piece??? I have been VERY blessed to receive this from Becky. ( She was giving away some of the designs she had made and I was lucky enough to have this one. Becky is always very generous - and now to receive one of her pieces myself - well, I'm just about as happy as can be!!! This piece will always hold a special place in my heart and home because I know it was stitched (and finished beautifully!) with another stitcher's hands. I just had to share!!


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Framed and a Finish!!!

My darling hubby was able to finish framing our wedding gift this week-end. I think he did a nice job. I wish the matt showed better in the picture - hubby chose a wonderful textured matt that's SO soft - a perfect choice for this design. I also like the frame he chose. (Only problem is he got very ambitious and framed it before I had a chance to clip off a couple of extra loose "ends" off the back of the piece before he framed it -ugh). Oh well, I appreciate his help and support and maybe not too many people will notice my couple of little "tail" threads. I HOPE!!!!!! I just didn't' have the heart to ask hubby to un-do his work for me to "fix it". I've learned a valuable lesson - I will "clip" as I stitch from now on, for sure!!! At any rate - I LOVE my framer!!

I found some time to finish a piece from my new stash. Lizzie Kate's "Tea for Two". This was such a fun, fast finish. It will be a fun fit into my tea-themed kitchen.

I'm so grateful to say that Ian is feeling SO much better! We'll be hitting the courts again this week for some short practices. He isn't cleared for competition yet (he's very competitive and very fast when he's on the court - his tennis nickname is the "Ianator" - so he needs to work back to that slowly as he continues to recover. We've been doing lots of walking to build back his endurance - hopefully we'll be back at blasting balls before too long! Hmm...maybe I should challenge him to a game while he's in thia "weakened" state - this may be my only chance to get a win in against him!! :)

On the homemaking front - I have to bring treats to church next Wednesday for a marriage class that hubby and I are taking. I'm taking some chocolate cherry brownie-fudgy treats and I was thinking of also taking some of those small-size muffins in lemon poppyseed. I have the recipe and a small muffin tin - but I have no idea how much batter to put into each "little" tin to make a "little" muffin. Anyone know?

Homeschool is still a fun adventure for our family. Yesterday for math, I had Ian choose 4 cities in the US at random (One from the east coast, one from the central US, one from the west and then one on the west coast). He then had to figure the milage and then calculate how much the trip would cost in gas according to the national average price/gallon. He was suprised at how "low" the cost was until he remembered that it had to be "round trip". He also had to figure out how often to stop, (hotel prices), the estimated cost of food and the costs of attractions that he'd like to visit on his "imaginary" trip. He was shocked at how quickly costs can add up. Next week, for his "real life" math lesson, he'll be doing a grocery list and keeping track of those lesson he WON'T ever be asked to do? Keep track of Mom's stitching expenditures!!! :) :) :)

Have a Totally Terrific Tuesday!!!!!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stash, Glorious Stash!!

After the rough month we've had, AND finally finishing the wedding sampler (I'll post another pic of it when it's finished being framed!), I decided to treat myself to a bit of stashing. What a wonderful time I had!!! :) The hardest part was in deciding just how much (or how little), I could afford to stimulate the economy.
I settled on just a few "must-haves" - but I am SO happy with my choices. I got "Home of a Needleworker", "Bless This Home", Lizzie Kate's new "tea" designs, (I'm a shoe-in for anything tea!) and a cute Heinzit "Flip Flop" pattern that will be perfect in one of our powder rooms that has a "beach" theme. Unfortunately, I had to place an order for three other designs that were "out of stock" and some specialty flosses that I need - but hey, that will give me an excuse to go back and fondle some more when I pick up that order, right? Life is good!! :) :) :)
My needle is itching to stitch - so I'll keep this short! Thanks for the comments - I really appreciate your time and kindness! Also, keep up the lovely works on your blogs - I love visiting!!!!

Happy Stashing and Stitching!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Finish! (Almost!)

I can't even begin to say how happy I am that I almost have this project finished! I have no idea why this little sampler was such a "chore" for me. I love the colors and I'm happy with the way it's turned out - I just felt like this was turning into a "forever" project almost from the beginning. Maybe it was because I've been so tired w/ the anemia and then struggling w/ Ian being so sick...whatever the cause, I'm happy that it only needs a few little personalizing details, a good ironing and a few beads and I'm on to something new!!! I placed an order for a wee bit of stash that I'll be picking up tomorrow. First on my list is a project that I've wanted to do for a LONG time...Country Garden's "Home of a Needleworker". i just feel so free knowing that now I have some time for some personal stitching that's just for "fun" with no deadline. Mainly, I'm just looking forward to some serious "stash fondling" w/o a time constraint over my head!

The second couple that we know that are getting married this year DOESN''T want a stitched wedding gift. They aren't "in" to "artsy-craftsy" things and wanted to let me know before I put time and effort into making a gift for them. Their entire home is going to be decorated in a very stark, modern, sleek black and white - so something "homemade" just wouldn't fit. I was so grateful for their honesty. It'll be SO much easier to buy something off the "Bed, Bath and Beyond" wish list! :)

Ian is easing his way back to health. He's still very sore and hasn't been cleared for tennis yet (bummer!), but I do see improvement everyday. I am so very thankful that my sweet little fellow is healing!

We're back into our normal homeschool routine. We're right in the middle of the "middle" ages. He now knows that the One hundred Years' War didn't really last "100" years, and that "The War of the Roses" wasn't really fought over flowers. :)
We also just ended a science study of machines and motion. He thinks the laws of motion are really cool. He did make the comment that gas prices are breaking the first principle law of motion. I asked what he meant and he said, "what goes up, must come down. Gas prices just keep going up and up and up!" Ha ha ha! :)

I've so been enjoying visiting everyone's blogs and keeping up w/ the talents that each of you share. Keep up the good work!!

Have a wonder-filled Wednesday!


Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a month!

Good grief - what a month this has been!!! Our poor little guy (Okay - so he's not "that" little anymore) has been so sick. He started three weeks ago and just kept progressively going "downhill". He woke up w/ a bad pain in his back, and since he plays so much tennis, I just assumed (bad mom guilt here!) that his pain was caused by a strain or pulled muscle in his back. The next day the pain moved to his side. I was still thinking strain...(more bad mom guilt!!) By the third day, the pain had moved to his stomach. Enough of this, we were off to the Dr. (Of course, our primary pediatrician is out of town for two weeks), so we saw another Dr. He sent our fellow for a cat scan and blood work. Bloodwork showed an infection, and blood in his urine. Cat scan showed kidney stones and a stone in the appendix. Dr. treated little one for kidney stones for two weeks. We saw no improvement - Ian was losing weight (8 pounds in two weeks), no appetite, continued pain, etc., etc., etc. We finally took him to see his own pediatrician this past week who promptly sent him to the ER. From the time we hit the ER doors until the time Ian was on the operating table was less than an hour. Ian's appendix had ruptured! Needless to say, hubby and I were basket cases. After surgery, Ian continued to run a fever of "unknown" origin. That was so frustrating!!! The Dr.'s and Nurses kept saying "he SHOULDN'T have a fever". I was listening, his Dad was listening, but Ian apparently wasn't hearing this information because it took quite a while for his temp to come down. I'm so grateful to report that he's now doing MUCH better...he's still in quite a lot of pain, still has no appetite and he's SO pale, but at least I can see him getting better little by little.
I love my little fellow so was so hard for me not to show him how afraid I was for him. The hardest thing I've ever had to do was to let go of him at "the smooching corner" - that's what the nurses call the area right outside the OR doors where you have to say goodbye before the patient heads to surgery. The surgeon was FABULOUS - I can't say enough good about this guy. He pulled a couple of strings that let us go into recovery as soon as Ian was stable enough after surgery. That was one of the most precious moments for me - even though he was all hooked up to tubes and monitors and all sorts of paraphenalia, just to be able to touch Ian's little face was so comforting and reassuring. I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and ask that you continue - we've got a good bit of recovery still ahead. He's cried buckets of tears because we have no idea when he'll be able to get back to playing for me, I just can't wait for us all to be safe and sound at home in our own beds!

(A funny side note here - at one point while Ian was recovering from anesthesia and on the versed and morphene and demerol, he woke up out of a "sound" sleep, opened his eyes REALLY wide and said "this gown makes my bum look REALLY big" and then he started laughing hysterically...then fell right back to sleep again. Is he his mother's son or what?????) lololololololololololololololol

I've been stitching a bit, more to relieve stress and place my mind elsewhere than because my heart has been in it... I'll try to share pics later this week when things settle a bit.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Finish (not stitching per se, but a finish!!!

During my recent wanderings through "blogland", I came across a lovely blog, "The Place of H".
During my visit there, I noticed a lovely dishcloth that she was knitting. I was curious though...was it really worth the time that it takes to hand-knit a dishcloth when, for about the same price as a skein of yarn, I could buy a dishcloth already made, at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Dear Mrs. H. encouraged me to give knitting a dishcloth a try. I'm a "newbie" knitter, and this did seem like a good starter project. Can I just say that I LOVE my knitted dishcloth???? :)
I can make the cloth as large as I want it - that's a big plus. Also, these "hand-made" cloths are so soft - they're a joy to use. I've found that yarn, like floss, comes in an array of colors, so your cloth can be as pastel or as funky as you'd like it to be. These cloths are wonderful to work on in the evenings, when my eyes are tired from my close-up cross stitch work. They're very fast too. I have another cloth ready to come off my needles this evening. Just what I needed, yet another needle-work craft to fall in love with! Seriously though, if you've ever thought of giving knitting a try - these cloths are a pleasure!!!



Filling in Boxes...

I've finally decided to stop "forward" progress on anymore of those dreaded lavender boxes and instead just to focus on the fun part of filling in the ones that I've already created. I'm enjoying this so much more!! I know that stitching boxes or flowers, I'm making the same amount of progress - but it just doesn't feel like I'm not accomplishing as much by just making the box outlines. We're supposed to have rainy weather the next couple of days, so hopefully, that will enable me to have a bit more stitching time.

Just thought I'd post an "up-date" where I wasn't whining about boxes for a change!!!

Happy Monday! (is there such a thing????) :)



Saturday, February 02, 2008

I've been "blogging" - reading, not writing :)

I've been spending plenty of time "blogging" lately - only I've been reading lots of other blogs, not writing in mine!! My goodness, I've been enjoying visiting all over "blog land" and seeing all the lovely things that folks have to share.

I've been trying to stitch, but I'm losing momentum on that wedding piece I NEED to be doing. The piece has lots of boxes on it and I decided to stitch those first - I think that was my mistake. I'm SICK of stitching lilac boxes!! :( I think I'm going to jus start filling in the boxes that I do have finished and worry about making the "other" boxes later. Thank goodness the other wedding in our family isn't until late this summer, so I can put that obligation on the back burner for a while.
I am also going to treat myself to a couple of "superbowl stitching sales" for some stitching goodies - so hopefully that will motivate me to finish up wedding piece #1... :) so I can stitch a couple of fun pieces for ME!

As for homeschool, Ian and I finished Robin Hood and King Arthur - now it's on to Marco Polo. (the explorer - NOT the game!) hee hee hee. For science, we've been studying the theory of relativity, so we're reading a biography of Einstein too.

Ian's tennis tournament season starts this coming Friday. Because he's in a new division, he'll be facing a whole new group of opponents. He's excited and nervous all at the same time... I really miss being able to get out and play with him and get him warmed up. I'm hoping that with a "super-transfusion", my blood levels will come back to normal and I'll be healty again. My hubby is saying that with the super-transfusion, I'll be getting "stud blood" - hmmm....ha ha ha! Hey, whatever works!!! I'm just praying that this "activity hiatus" will be over soon and I'll feel like a human being with energy again.

I'm still enjoying tea sampling - my goodness, who knew there so many yummy flavors available? Blackberry, apricot, mango, peach, - the list goes on and on. I'd love to invite so many of you to come and sit and stitch. (hey - maybe you could come and motivate me to finish that wedding sampler???) :)



Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back to Blogging...

Now that all the "holiday hoopla" is over, I'm going to try to get back to more of a "normal" routine (whatever that is!!!!) and get back to my blogging.
Homeschooling is back full-speed ahead. We're studying Physics (experiments are WAY cool!!!) and for History, we're in the time period of Richard I. To go along w/ that time period, we're reading "Robin Hood" and a "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court". I know that I read both of these books when I was growing up, but my memory is so bad, it's almost like reading them again for the first time!! :)
Of course, the usual math, spelling, etc. is taking place, but Ian is working more independently in those subjects, so those take much less time for me than they used to.

As far as my needlework, I've started a wedding sampler. I only have two light lavendar "boxes" completed, so I'll wait for a bit more progress before I post a pic! :) There are going to be at least two weddings in our family this year, so I
already know of two projects that I have planned. (One of those pieces will be the "LOVE" design from Shepherds Bush that Lillie sent me as a birthday gift! The one couple is non-traditional and doesn't want a typical name/date/place wedding design - so I thought the LOVE would be a nice alternative) Other than that, I really would like to put some more time in on my Paula Vaughn "Delicate Beauties" piece, and from there I'm just going to follow wherever my stitcher's heart leads.

Health-wise, I'm still working on getting my iron levels back within normal limits. It's taking a lot longer than I would like - but I'm trying to use the "down" time to my advantage - I must admit I have been blessed by doing less "running and doing". I love our home and really enjoy all the time I spend here. I found some new tea flavors to sample, so I've really enjoyed the slowing down and tea-sipping I've been "blessed to endure".
I do miss my tennis so much - but I'm sure it will come again with time.