Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hello Again....

Yes, there's been some stitching and yes, there's been some Florida fun going on...however, most of our time lately, unfortunately, has been spent here:

                                            (Nemours Children's Hospital - Orlando)

Ian has been having some health issues again.  The poor kid is manufacturing way too many red blood cells (as opposed to his chronically anemic mother, who can't seem to manufacture enough red blood cells).  Yes, I promise, we ARE related!!!  If we could just combine our issues, we'd have one PERFECT person!  LOL  We've spent so much time at this hospital, we know our way around backwards, forwards and every other way.  I have to say that if you have to experience a child who is ill, this is a great place to be.  We've been treated with respect and kindness by everyone from housekeeping to surgeons. We're hoping that our visits here will become less and less frequent and that the answers will bring relief not stress.  Please pray with us?

While visiting Nemours, I have to say, we've had a lot of fun playing with the dancing fountains (hey, you're never too old to have fun pressing a button and making water jump!!!!) and enjoying some of the nice artwork.  I love cardinals, so I just had to take a pic of this little mama, who hangs out in the Nemours outdoor area.

 I have lots more pictures to post of some happy adventures we've had lately (that DON'T involve hospitals!!!) and I'll be back to share them with you soon!

In the meantime, I just have to share one of my favorite "personal works of art" that hasn't involved stitching.... what's  a trip to the beach if I can't write my wonderful grandbaby's name in the sand and surround it with shells?  :)

 My little cutey-cute-cute is getting bigger everyday and Gigi couldn't be any more in love if I tried!!!

Hugs and Grace,