Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No more goat!

To the victor goes the spoils, ladies and gents.  All the votes have been tallied and for sure, this IS a WOLF!!!!

The nasty "this looks like a goat" theory has finally been squashed around these here parts and everyone has agreed that the finished piece really will be a wolf.     :)

I am really enjoying working on this piece.  I've been stretched a little thin for stitching minutes lately, (all for good reasons!) so I'm only getting in 20-30 stitches at a time, but every stitch made is (hopefully!) a stitch in the direction of a finish.

Hugs and Grace,

Friday, February 21, 2014

The confused people who work at Visa.

Yup, two months and the poor folks who work at Visa are probably beginning to think they might need to send a nice fruit basket to my house because my "charging" habits have slowed dramatically.

I've safely made it through another month w/o spending a Penney on anything stitching-related.
This challenge has encouraged me to get real with what I have on hand vs what I still love.
I've done a lot of sorting and labeling...It's a joy to finally be so organized.

I have to admit to being tempted by some of the goodies that I've seen from the latest market...we'll see how long the resolve can hold.  In the meantime, I'm still plugging away on ye olde BAP wolf design for our son.  I'll try to post an up-date pic this weekend.   :)

Hugs and Grace,

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Is it a goat? Is it a wolf?

You've heard the expression "Sheep in Wolf's clothing", well, meet my "Goat in Wolf's clothing".  The "funny" guys that I live with think that the wolf that I'm stitching looks more like a goat than an actual wolf.  This is EXACTLY why they're called "works in progress", am I right?
This is a slow stitch for me due to the great wolf debacle of 2012.  I don't want to make another un-fixable boo-boo in this project...(this is my second time attempting to stitch this design!)  I really want this to be a "once in a lifetime" gift for the not-so-little guy at our house and I want to get it right.
Therefore, I'm trying to be extra-careful, which is slowing down an already "stitches at a snails pace" stitcher.
Hopefully, my next update will show the emerging of the WOLF that I'm stitching on!!!  :)

Grace and Hugs,
(Dang, now that I'm really looking at this picture, it does "kinda" look like a goat, huh???)  LOL