Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I "cherish" God's greatest gift of love that we celebrate in this season!


Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

We scaled way back on decorating this year...I think the issues with my Mom have sapped some of my Christmas spirit, but we still have a tree and some of our treasured decorations placed out here and there.
Enjoy the peek inside our humble abode!

My very first "real" cross-stitch piece ever...I saw this in a magazine at a yard sale and wanted to stitch this for our home.  I loved it then and I love it now...

The very first ornament I bought for my sweetie.  We were still "long-distance" dating and I wanted him to have something special for his tree, especially when we weren't together.  We are both "eggnog hogs", so this seemed like a perfect ornament for him.

This angel is so precious to me.  My dad bought this for me the year I was born.  I was a Christmas baby and he wanted "an angel for his angel".  This poor little angel looks older and more worn every year but she hasn't missed a year being the topper on my tree.  I shed tears every year she goes up, I miss my dad so much.  Now my dad is celebrating Christmas with the real angels in heaven.

I love my snowman lamps....

Could Christmas be complete without a dancing Santa?  LOL  My mom bought this for Ian when he was little...Unfortunately,  this Santa has followed us on every move we've ever made.  LOL

I bought these lighted "twigs" and the glass container a few days ago.  It's definitely a work in progress...the bow is about as far as I've gone with this.  I seriously need a trip to Hobby Lobby to get some "fillers".  The container is filled with sand...hey, we live in Florida!  It works!  :)  Our entryway is a round "rotunda".  It's hard to  find things to decorate round walls with - I thought the twigs/container were a nice solution...use your imagination, if you will.  I can see red fillers and hearts for Valentines, greenery and shamrocks for St. Patricks Day.  Wait, I'm getting way ahead of myself!  For right now, just imagine these lonely twigs being interspersed with red and green for Christmas.   :)

What would a pantry door be without Santa?  (I made this old fellow from a bleach bottle years ago)

I hope you've enjoyed your tour of some of our Christmas cheer!  May you all have a blessed holiday season!!!  :)

I "cherish" Christmas memories - old and new....


Monday, December 05, 2011

Diary of a Christmas Tree - Florida Style! :)

Ian had the most amazing opportunity last week and I want to share it with ya'all.  Ian was able to take a sand-sculpting class with a professional sand sculptor.  Jim Smith has won many awards and has sculpted for various Disney events and for lots of towns in Florida.  Jim started by showing Ian the basics of the trade.  Above is a pic of Ian's first "project" - an arch.  :)   I initially thought that this was just going to be a "play in the sand" class, but oh my, it was SO MUCH MORE!!!!

The business where Ian took the class is just opening up and is going to be offering sand sculpting classes as part of their artistic offerings.  The owner of the business requested a holiday-themed display in the huge "sandbox" in the front of the store.  After some basic design ideas, the hard work really began in earnest.
The guys had to  build the foundation for a Christmas tree.  When I saw this picture, I was a lilttle skeptical that it would ever amount to a "tree"...

The next day,  the barrels of sand grew into this:

Can you see it now?  You haven't seen anything yet!!!

But wait, there's more!!!

Don't you love the lights????

And don't forget the presents!

I "cherish" living in Florida on the beach and having such wonderful opportunities open up for Ian.  We can't wait to see what we can build on our own, now that we understand the "basics".  Anyone want to come wiggle their toes in the sand with us?  We don't have snow or hot chocolate but we have sand, waves and sweet tea!