Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Turkey Time!!

It's turkey time AND happy dancing time!!!  :)   I finished this  just under the wire for Thanksgiving 2013.  Of course, it's not framed this year, but stick a fork in me, 'cause I'm done!  The design called for a colorful border along the top and a couple of extra leaves, but my hubby (who is also my favorite framer with "fringe benefits") says that he really likes it the way it is.  Who am I to argue??   :)

I have absolutely loved stitching this piece.  The colors just wowed me!  I can't wait to see it hanging next year.

Now I'm off to decide what will be next to jump into my stitching basket.  I have a few fun contenders - I'll just have to see what tickles my nose and warms my toes.  (Although I think hubby would say that NOTHING warms my toes.  He's always complaining of my cold feet when we snuggle. LOL)

Hugs and Grace,

(Design:  Thanksgiving Comes Again by Prairie Schooler)  I just LOVE  Prairie Schooler!!)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not quite turkey time

I'm getting closer to finishing this Thanksgiving piece, but the pop-up thermometer hasn't quite popped on the butterball just yet.  I still have a few leaves here and there, the border and a lot of ground fill to cover until this design is ready for it's close-up.  :)    With all the things that are happening around here (the health issues of our not-so-little guy) and (the health/financial/care issues of my mom), this piece may or may not be finished in time for it's "appropriate" holiday.  And you know what?  I'm okay with that.  Stitching is a journey - a marathon at times, a sprint at others and on occasion, a "plod-along".  Whether I display this design this year or have to wait until next year, I'll find happiness seeing it in it's "proper place" of honor in our home.   I must be getting more chill in my old age because I am  finding peace on my journey and FINALLY trying not to sweat the small stuff.  (I'm definitely a "type a" personality, so this is a HUGE deal for me!)    :)  My stitching is a passion - something I do that brings joy to my fingers and joy to my heart. I don't want to miss the joy of the moment by stitching on an "imposed only by me" deadline.  Wow - does this mean I'm finding "grace" for myself???????    Yeehaw and Wa-hoo!!!  I'm still shooting for a Thanksgiving 2013 finish, but if not, remind me to show you my Thanksgiving 2014 finish!!!    :)

Hugs and Grace,
(Thanksgiving Comes Again - Prairie Schooler)

Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Race is On!

I am REALLY loving this piece - "Thanksgiving" by Prairie Schooler.  I also would REALLLLLY like to have it finished by Thanksgiving!  (I know; such a radical concept!)

So I am making today a curl up in my corner and stitch day.  :)

Here's hoping FORWARD progress will be made!

Hugs and Grace,