Monday, December 11, 2006

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Christmas Block Project isn't gonna make it!

Does anyone else feel like I do - that December should just have MORE days???

I REALLY wanted to have my "block" project finished - but I've had to face realty - and after whining for a bit -I realized, it's just not gonna happen this year!!
I did only have a few white blocks to stitch - but my noodle-head brain forgot about all the heart blocks and all the green blocks!!! ARGH!
With any good fortune, I'll be able to finish this in the New Year and will be enjoying it next Christmas!!!

Things are just so hectic around here right now - so much to do - it's just go, go, go!!!!!

Care to join me in hoping for a quiet 2007???

Hugs for the harried,


Ian, Tea-Tsu and Santa

OK - so I've always been one of those who had a hearty laugh at those folks who took their fur-baby's to see "Santa" - but I just COULDN'T resist!!!!!!! In my defense, $5 of the $8 went to our local animal shelter... and for that - we got 2 photos and a cute ceramic frame...I know, I know, silly, silly, silly!!!
Tea-Tsu has been the cutest little "naughty" girl lately. She hasn't bothered any of our Christmas things - pkgs, tree, lights, etc. However, we have a collection of stuffed pandas that always sit around the bottom of one of our trees every year. Well.....she just hates those pandas being under the tree!! She'll drag every one of them out - not hurt them at all - just drag them (most are bigger than she is!) and will re-decorate our family room with them!! She's fine with them being around the family room - but hates them being under the tree!!! We just can't help laughing at her - she is just SO determined!
She also has taken quite a fancy to a "Santa Hat" that we have decorating one of our statues. The statue is on one of the lower shelves of a bookcase and she just hates that hat being on the statue. Again, she's very gentle - but she just doesn't want that hat being where it is. She likes it, again, on the family room floor. Go figure!!! :)
She has just been such a fun addition to our lives - can't tell that we love her at all, can you?? :)

Never say never!!! (as in the dog visiting Santa!!) :)


Chemistry is SOOOO cool!!!!

This is a pic of one of our homeschool chemistry projects. We layered corn syrup, vegetable oil, water, and alcohol and tinted each layer a different color. Due to the density of the different "ingredients" - the layers separated. It was SO neat! After this, we dropped different objects into the glass and saw which layer the object would sink to. We discussed viscosity and properties. Next, we're going to be studying polymers - i./e. making "slime".
Yea - nothing's blown up YET!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hug your favorite scientist!!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Please meet the new "fur-baby" at our house!!!!!!!!

I'd love for you to meet "Tea-Tsu (pronounced tee-sue)!!! She's just joined our family and she's already made our home a happier place to be!!!
She is a Japanese Chin and was an anniversary gift from my hubby. She was a show dog and was doing really well - so she was bred for her "prize" puppies - however, unfortunately, she's not able to carry puppies - so the breeder let her go. She's 2 1/2 years - so we avoided the "puppy" stage - a great bonus for us!!
She is such a sweetheart. She's already house-broken and is just the sweetest, silliest little love ever!!!! She already is a shadow to us - we never have to ask where the dog is - she's ALWAYS with some member of the family. She has also already become a fixture at the tennis courts - she just stays under a tree and watches us till we're ready to go. (Thank goodness she shows NO interest in chasing tennis balls!!!) :) She loves to show-off by doing her "chin spins" and she learned REALLY fast where the "treats" are kept. She's already made an attempt at "making off" with the "goodie" bag!! :) She didn't try to get into the bag - she was just hauling it around with her. :) -it was so funny - the bag is bigger than she is!!! :)
We are loving her more and more by the minute - and even hubby - who was reluctant to the whole "dog idea" at first - is slowly coming around to her... she just makes you love her!!

I just wanted to share our new "addition" - - - -

"Paws" a moment (tee hee!) and have a great day!


12 Blessings - Finished!!!!

Yes!! 12 Blessings is finally finished!! I have just loved working on this project. The colors and stitching have been a real pleasure. This is to be a gift this year - I see making another one of these for ME for next year!!! Now - this is off to my framer's (my hubby!) so that he can work his magic! I'll post another pic when he finishes with the framing.

Now, I'm busy trying to finish up my Heinzeit Christmas Blocks - - - I'll be keeping this project - I have the perfect spot all ready and waiting for it!!! I only have 28 small blocks left to do - so it should be ready soon. (I hope, I hope, I hope!!!!) :)

I've started thinking about making my "wanna-do" list of XS projects for '07. Have you started yours yet? As the saying goes - - "so many projects, so little time".
This has been a good stitching year for me - I haven't finished a lot of projects numbers-wise, but I did get bit by the stitching bug again and have once again found "joy in the needle". A floss, chart and needle are lots cheaper than therapy - anyday!!! :)

Enjoy finishing all those last-minute gift projects!!!!!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Only 2 More Squares to Go!!!!!

All right!! Only 2 more square left to go on my "Blessings" project!! I was able to finish "Caring" and "Family". I just have "Home" and "Peace" left to do. I can hardly wait to see how hubby will choose to frame this piece - this has been such a joy to do - it will be fun to see it finally "finished" completely.

After I finish the final two squares, I'll pull out my "Christmas" blocks piece again- and finish the border. THEN - I have an ornament to finish and then I'll be moving along to work on a patriotic piece (one of our bathrooms has a red, white and blue theme). I'm getting ready to make my "wanna do" list for 2007 - it's growing by leaps and bounds - I keep seeing the nicest things that I just "gotta" stitch!!! :)

On the homeschool front, Ian has finished up with his "Oceanography" unit - now we're moving into a Chemistry study. Oh Lord - I hope the house doesn't blow!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Thanks for taking a peek at my work - - - -


Saturday, November 04, 2006

"Christmas" letters finished

Wow - I just realized how badly these "Christmas" letters need to be ironed!! :) I finally finished the lettering on my "Christmas" project - now I just need to make time to add the border of hearts and boxes along the bottom.

I FINALLY received my order of the other four charts I need to finish off my LK "Blessings of Christmas" project. It took over a month for me to receive the charts - This "order lag" has happened quite a bit lately. My LNS converted to being more of a knitting store - so stitchers just don't get much attention anymore. - I think I am going to start doing most of my "stashing" via the Internet from now on. However - I DO have the charts in hand now - and I am "itching to stitch" and finish all my "blessings".

Yikes - I can't believe it's November already!!! When did THAT happen??? I have less than a month to finish up all my Christmas projects and get them to my "personal" framer - my hubby(!), so that he can frame them in time for gift giving and displaying.

Halloween was fun around here!! We carved a pumpkin (and I roasted the seeds - yummy!!).
DH, DS and I all dressed up this year. DH was Star Wars, DS was the cutest elephant you've ever seen (not biased at all here!!!) and I dressed as a pumpkin, although my figure type is more suited to a "squash". :)

Ian bagged in 8 (eight!!!!) pounds of candy - that's more than 2 pounds more than what he weighed when he was born!!!!

I think the thing I miss most about living "up North" (maybe the ONLY thing - hee hee!!) is the changing of the seasons. I love the Fall season the most - and I really miss seeing the leaves change and feeling a slight chill to the air...not much fun drinking hot chocolate when it's still in the upper-80's, lower 90's!!!! Ah well - nothing wrong with iced tea in January, right??? :)

Have a stitching-filled Saturday!!!!


Monday, October 09, 2006

Cookies and Flowers!

We had such a great "family" day yesterday!! It was one of those "take a picture" with your heart days - 'cause you always want to remember!!
We went to church and then had a nice dinner. (I LOVE my crock-pot!!) :)
Afterwards, we made "scarecrow cookies". The beauty of these is that scarecrows are supposed to look a little silly and lop-sided, right?? :)
We also took a long walk around our neighborhood and played some family games. We finished off the evening by watching a movie together. Treasured times.......

DH surprised me with some BEAUTIFUL flowers this week-end!!! He "hid" them in our room by my side of the bed - what a wonderful treat!! They mean so much to me - he's just the sweetest fellow!! ("Most" days!! hee hee!!!) I love that after all these years of marriage - he still finds ways to make me feel so special.

I finished the "C" in my Christmas project - and I'm well on my way to having the "T" finished as well. I don't have a pic - seems a little silly just to show a letter and a half!! :) As ever, I'm hoping to fit in some more "needle" time!!!

Happy Monday!


Friday, September 22, 2006

Merry "hris"!!

Merry "hris"!! Hee hee - this is the farthest I've gotten on my Heinzeit Christmas block. I still need to add the "C,T,M,A and S" to make this make "Christmas" sense! :)

I haven't had too much stitching time lately...but I did start my HRIS...Ian has had a bad asthma flair, so that has kept me pretty has his homeschooling. I have had time to read quite a bit though - I've managed to finish "Saturday Morning", "Truth Will Prevail", "Thy Gold to Refine", "Seasons Under Heaven", "Showers in Season", "Times and Seasons" and "A Flicker of Doubt". When I sit with him in the evenings as he coughs, it's much easier for me to read than to try and concentrate on stitching...thus - more reading than needling. We just got home from the Dr. - Ian's meds have been adjusted and he's been started on steroids - hopefully we'll all be resting much easier in the coming nights....

I'll try to post more as things calm a bit...

Happy Week-Ending!!!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Some progress shots to share!!!

I have found myself blessed with a few extra stitching moments here and there - and I've been enjoying them immensely!!!!!
I was able to finish one full page of PV's "Delicate Beauties" and have now moved this project to the bottom of my rotation pile - (which is growing everyday! I keep finding all sorts of new and fun designs that I just "must" add in!! ) :)

I was also able to complete the "Faith" square of my LK "Blessings of Christmas" project. Only 4 more!!! My LNS was out of the other leaflets that I need to finish - but they have been ordered and are on their way!!! I have also ordered a SanMan design "Sharing the I" which is a real cute Christmas "to-do". I've also pulled out a couple of small ornament designs that I like and added them to "the pile" also. :)

I've started my "Homespun Christmas" by Hinzeit (why did I pick the one with the BIG blocks instead of one of the smaller designs??) :) I do like the larger design though and have a special spot picked out where it will look "just right" in our home - it's just going to take me a bit longer...

Other than that - temps have cooled off a bit - making it MUCH easier to stick to our regular tennis schedule - whoo hoo!!!

We're off to a great start with our homeschooling! We're really "diving in" (get it, ha ha!!!) to a science unit study on Oceans - and our history is focused around all things about ancient Rome - what a great time period in history!

I have a "My Delicious Dinners" session scheduled for Tomorrow - I'm really looking forward to that!! I've used them before and we absolutely love it! Have you ever tried it? You get together with some friends and package up pre-prepared meals (chosen from a pre-set menu w/ lots of variety available - then bring 'em home (usually 12 different dinners that can be split to make more meals) . This works so well for us - I love that I can just "heat and eat" the meals - it fits right in with our busy lifestyle. No more staring at an empty fridge wondering what's for dinner! It also cuts WAY down on our trips to the store - and our food budget!! (That leaves more $ for my XS habit, right???) We only need to buy fresh produce, a few sides and a bit of dairy and breakfast items.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


Saturday, August 05, 2006

It's Hot!!!!

I know, I know - I live in Florida AND it's August - but it is REALLY hot and humid here!!! Usually I just love the heat and the humidity, but the past couple of days have just been oppressive. It's been good and bad for me - - good because we've had fun spending time together in the pool and at the beach - and also good because I've been staying inside and getting some real quality stitching time - but BAD - because when it's this hot, I don't feel much like going outside and getting my exercise. We've played tennis for a couple of hours early in the mornings - but that's about it for any movement from me!! We even skipped tennis this morning because we slept in - and when we finally got up - the heat index was over 100!!!!
So here I sit and here I veg!!!!

I'm am just enjoying Delicate Beauties SO much again!! I've decided to finish off the current page that I'm working on before I set it aside again. The pattern contains four separate pages and I'm "almost" (being positive here!) finished with one complete page!! Whoo-hoo! I don't know if the pic shows much progress - a lot of what I've been stitching has been white or ecru - so it doesn't show up too well...but I can really see it!! Yippee!!!

I haven't gotten to my LNS yet to look for those Christmas gifts - I've been busy getting Ian's schedule worked out for our homeschool AND signing him up for all those many "extras" that he'll be involved with this fall!! Whew - I'm can tell that I'm going to need a lot of those "waiting time" projects to just "grab and go"...

I just picked up "Sins and Needles" by Monica Ferris. I just LOVE her books and can't wait to start my "beach" read - hopefully this afternoon!!!

Well - I'm off to do some more loafing to beat the heat - - - bring on the ice cream!!!!

Have a great week-end!


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Company and Fun and...(a little stitching too!)

We'll be busy with lots of different company between now and the end of July. We're having a lot of fun running around enjoying everything that Florida has to offer. We've also had a bit of time to just wind-down and enjoy just sitting on the beach and enjoying the view. During a bit of our down-time, I've found a bit of time to stitch...I just finished the "joy" block of the "12 Blessings" project. I've also been working a bit on the Halloween project. I don't think I'll have my ghost buddy finished by this coming Halloween - but I'm really hoping that he'll be gracing our walls by Halloween '07!!!!!

I've also enjoyed watching the Miami Heat play in the NBA finals!!! It's been a great series - - - GO HEAT!!!!!!

Wishing you all a Happy Tuesday,


Monday, June 12, 2006

Charity is complete!

I finished another square on my LK project. "Charity" was the block for this week. This is just such a delightful piece for me! I don't know what happened to the pic - sorry it's so yucky! This is really bright and colorful in person!

I just made a "stash run" and purchased the "Joy" , "Sing" and "Giving" designs to contine the 12 blessings... I also picked up a Little House design "You are a Dear Friend", Mosey and Me's "Mr Booberry" (on sale and soooo cute!) and a snowman nativity kit (I'm not big on kits - but this banner is so sweet - couldn't resist!) I also bought some "nuts and bolts" ie floss, needles (I LOVE "My favorite needle"!) and some beads.

We'll be having company for the next 8 weeks - so it'll be a bit busy around here - but I am PROMISING myself that I will find time to stitch!!!!!!

This will be my first Father's Day w/o my Dad and I'm sure missing him. I hope he knows how much he's loved and what a void his passing has left in my heart. I've been a very blessed woman to have a wonderful father and also a great husband in my life - - - - - -

We're expecting heavy rains from tropical storm Alberto - what a gift! We'll finally be able to get all those pesky local fires doused once and for all! The smoke from the fires has not been kind to Ian's lungs - it will be so great for him to be able to "REALLY" breathe again!!!

I've had a little time for reading.  I just finished  "Cherry Cheesecake Murder" by JoAnne Fluke. I also just picked up "Pillar of Light" which is a historical fiction. Beach chair here I come!!

Happy Monday!


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's Been Rough....

Whew - what a bumpy ride we've had during the past couple of weeks!! Our son developed an infection in his foot which then quickly spread to his leg and he's been a sick little cookie! We are so grateful for the wonderful medical care that he received and feel so blessed that our prayers have been answered. I'm VERY happy to report that he is well on his way to making a complete recovery!!!!! Thank you so much to those who remembered our family in their prayers!

I did get a wee bit of stitching accomplished during this family "down" time - I added a new square and the "Blessings" border. I just LOVE this project! It works up so fast and the colors are so bright and cheery! I can see the end in sight for this piece in the not "too" distant future - so now I'm on the prowl for some new stash! :)

I also was able to get in a couple of reads during this time - I finished "Murder of a Smart Cookie" by Denise Swanson and "Dark Torte" by Dianne Mott Davidson. Hmmm. I'm detecting a food theme here - bring on the goodies!!! I enjoyed both books and recommend them to all.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!


Monday, May 08, 2006

"Love" Square Finished

Well - I didn't get much stitching accomplished while staying inside to avoid the fires - but I did manage to spend some fun quality time with our son. I also proved to be a good loser at Trouble, Sequence, Checkers, and Last Word. I did, however, kick "it" with Monopoly!! :)

I did finish my "Love" square. I am just having such a good time stitching this project! It's turning out great - and I'm seriously considering stitching one for our home after I finish this one. (The one I'm working on now will be a gift). Only 10 more squares to go!

Happy Monday!!


Friday, April 28, 2006

Squares "squared" away!

Finally - all my squares are the same color! Now, I'm back to "forward" stitching on this project! I really like these designs - they're simple, cute and FAST!! (when not frogging!) :)
It feels good to be working on a project that I can actually see finishing in MY lifetime! While I LOVE the PV design "Delicate Beauties" that I've been working on - I've found that I really am enjoying working on smaller designs too. I'll keep "Beauties" in my rotation - but as I add in more and more smaller, fun projects - "Beauties" may get less of my stitching time for a while.
That's what's so great about stitching, eh? We make it work for our own personal needs - no hard and fast rules!!

It's a beautiful day here in the Sunshine State - but we have a wildfire burning over a thousand acres in our county today. DS has severe asthma so we'll be spending the day inside - watching the weather from our windows! Time inside will mean more time stitching - not such a bad trade-off!!!

Have a great week-end!!!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Feelin' like Froggin'

Argh!!! I feel like the only stitch I've done lately is the "FROG" stitch!! For every few stitches I put in - it seems I have to take twice as many stitches out! (Haven't figured that out mathmatically!)
I haven't been putting the stitches in the wrong places - just in the wrong colors!! How do you mix up colors? I've found that I stitched different sides of squares in different shades of green!
So much for attention to detail!! :)
I finally have all the "wrong stuff" pulled out and I'm slowly and VERY carefully stitching the squares again.
(BTW - I'm having all the troubles with the LK Ornaments designs. I'm putting all the designs on one large piece of fabric.) The square that I did finish correctly turned out cute and I can't wait for the whole design to be done - but I've sure gotten myself off to a rough start!!

On a MUCH brighter note - I had a wonderful week-end! On Friday, we went and hung out at the beach all day. The water was sparkling and clear and the most beautiful shade of turquoise ever! The sand was soft and white too and added the bonus of giving me a "natural" pedicure as we walked along the shoreline. The water was a little chilly for my tastes (but then I love to bathe in lobster water). Hubby and son thought the water was great. I also found some time to just sit in my chair and catch up on some reading. Hubby was able to snooze a bit and catch up on his sleep! :) I just LOVE living in "Paradise"!!!!

On Saturday - we went to our town's Art Festival. It's a really large festival and the talent that was displayed by the artists was amazing! I could've spent a ton of money buying beautiful things - but I need to save my $ for needlework "stuff", right? :)
Ian had a chance to use a potter's wheel and make a goblet. He had a lot of fun getting "goopy" and really treasures his "artwork".

Well - back to my "artwork" or lack-therof at the moment - I'll post a pic of my progress when I finally have some to show!! LOL!! :)


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back to Stay!!

What's that saying? Life is what happens when you're making other plans? Well, that's been the story of my life for these past couple of months - - but I'm back now and HOPEFULLY I'm here to stay!!!
I've still been stitching away on my "Delicate Beauties" project. This is by far the largest project that I've ever attempted - and right now it feels like it will never be finished - but I am making progress - small section by small section. (Sorry for the poor photo quality )I'm also working on LizzieKate's Christmas ornaments series - however, I'm stitching them as one large piece instead of individual ornaments. This project will be a gift for a special friend.
I'll post a progress pic on the LK as soon as there's more "progress" to show! LOL!!
I also have a wedding sampler that will be thrown into the mix...a couple of tea designs (my kitchen has a tea theme) and a few other small projects along the way. It feels heavenly to be out of the stitching slump that I was in for so long!
Stitching really is cheaper than therapy (although if I purchased every design that I truly wanted to - I'm not so sure that that statement would still be true!!) :)
As ever, I'm so blessed by my family - I love them and they keep me strong! Hubby and son are true treasures and I'm so blessed to share life - stresses, sorrows, fun and laughter with them!


Monday, February 13, 2006

Rotation starts TODAY!!

I've still been stitching away on Delicate Beauties. This blog is so good for me because I can look back and see that I have actually been making progress - otherwise, it just feels like I'm stitching the same row over and over again. I really want to finish this piece and see it hanging on my wall - but I really need a bit of a break. Drumroll please.....I have decided to start stitching the Lizzie Kate Christmas ornaments. I think they're cute - and they're quick and easy - a nice change of pace from my BIG project. I have all of them (that have been published so far) all kitted and ready to go. I'll start them tonight as I watch the Olympics! Me - "rotating" - who'd ever have thunk it??? Can a huge collection of stash be far behind??? :)


Sunday, February 05, 2006

I'm going to start ROTATING!!

Here is my progress shot for "Delicate Beauties". I really love the colors in this project and I love watching it "come to life" - but- I think I'm kind of "hitting the wall" working only on the same project. So...I have decided to begin ROTATING!! Whoo-hoo! I don't know why I've always been afraid to rotate. I guess I've seen so many people start projects - have a lot in their rotations - and then they never seem to finish things - they just keep adding even more projects to their piles...never made much sense to me. But - I think rotating between two projects may work well for me. We'll see. Now for the fun of finding a NEW project to rotate with!!!


Friday, January 20, 2006

"Delicate Beauties" Progress

This is my progress update pic of my "Delicate Beauties" project. I am really enjoying working on this design. I've found a LOT of other Paula Vaughn designs that are definitely going to be added to my "must do" pile!! This picture will look really nice hanging in my study when I FINALLY get it finished... :)
Have a wonderful week-end!


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

First Finish of "06!

I finished our family bellpull!! I don't know why the pic turned out so funky - the fabric and the colors are really pretty in"real" life. I'm looking forward to sewing this up and hanging it in our rotunda. It's so hard to know what to fit on "round" walls, but I think this will be a nice "welcome" by our front door.

We went to see the "Golden Dragon" acrobats from China today. What a treat that was! Our son has been jumping and bouncing all around the house since the show - hmmm....maybe he has a future as an acrobat? I just hope he finds someplace else to "practice" ! :)

Thanks for looking and Happy Wednesday!


Friday, January 06, 2006

My first blog pic!!!!

I have a progress pic to share - whoo-hoo!! This is a Lori Birmingham design that I'll be finishing as a bellpull. I love the colors! I'm using 28-ct "Forget Me Not" blue - my favorite fabby!!
This is stitching up fairly quickly - then I can MOVE ON!!! BTW, it's not really as "crooked" as it looks in the pic! :) oh, and it will also eventually say "The Griffin Family" not just "The Griffin"!!! ;)
Speaking of...moving on - I got more "stash" today! I picked up "Romantic Stitcher". I love this piece - she'll look lovely when she's hanging in my to get her from point A - (fabric, threads, beads and pattern in a bag) to Point B - (hanging in her spot of honor!)
The "planning" stage is almost as fun as the "process" and "finishing"!!!
I guess I'll have to add her to my ever-growing "must stitch in '06" pile! I think that's my mantra this year - - "must stitch in '06, must stitch in '06........"

Happy Friday, Folks!!!!