Monday, December 11, 2006

Ian, Tea-Tsu and Santa

OK - so I've always been one of those who had a hearty laugh at those folks who took their fur-baby's to see "Santa" - but I just COULDN'T resist!!!!!!! In my defense, $5 of the $8 went to our local animal shelter... and for that - we got 2 photos and a cute ceramic frame...I know, I know, silly, silly, silly!!!
Tea-Tsu has been the cutest little "naughty" girl lately. She hasn't bothered any of our Christmas things - pkgs, tree, lights, etc. However, we have a collection of stuffed pandas that always sit around the bottom of one of our trees every year. Well.....she just hates those pandas being under the tree!! She'll drag every one of them out - not hurt them at all - just drag them (most are bigger than she is!) and will re-decorate our family room with them!! She's fine with them being around the family room - but hates them being under the tree!!! We just can't help laughing at her - she is just SO determined!
She also has taken quite a fancy to a "Santa Hat" that we have decorating one of our statues. The statue is on one of the lower shelves of a bookcase and she just hates that hat being on the statue. Again, she's very gentle - but she just doesn't want that hat being where it is. She likes it, again, on the family room floor. Go figure!!! :)
She has just been such a fun addition to our lives - can't tell that we love her at all, can you?? :)

Never say never!!! (as in the dog visiting Santa!!) :)


Chemistry is SOOOO cool!!!!

This is a pic of one of our homeschool chemistry projects. We layered corn syrup, vegetable oil, water, and alcohol and tinted each layer a different color. Due to the density of the different "ingredients" - the layers separated. It was SO neat! After this, we dropped different objects into the glass and saw which layer the object would sink to. We discussed viscosity and properties. Next, we're going to be studying polymers - i./e. making "slime".
Yea - nothing's blown up YET!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hug your favorite scientist!!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Please meet the new "fur-baby" at our house!!!!!!!!

I'd love for you to meet "Tea-Tsu (pronounced tee-sue)!!! She's just joined our family and she's already made our home a happier place to be!!!
She is a Japanese Chin and was an anniversary gift from my hubby. She was a show dog and was doing really well - so she was bred for her "prize" puppies - however, unfortunately, she's not able to carry puppies - so the breeder let her go. She's 2 1/2 years - so we avoided the "puppy" stage - a great bonus for us!!
She is such a sweetheart. She's already house-broken and is just the sweetest, silliest little love ever!!!! She already is a shadow to us - we never have to ask where the dog is - she's ALWAYS with some member of the family. She has also already become a fixture at the tennis courts - she just stays under a tree and watches us till we're ready to go. (Thank goodness she shows NO interest in chasing tennis balls!!!) :) She loves to show-off by doing her "chin spins" and she learned REALLY fast where the "treats" are kept. She's already made an attempt at "making off" with the "goodie" bag!! :) She didn't try to get into the bag - she was just hauling it around with her. :) -it was so funny - the bag is bigger than she is!!! :)
We are loving her more and more by the minute - and even hubby - who was reluctant to the whole "dog idea" at first - is slowly coming around to her... she just makes you love her!!

I just wanted to share our new "addition" - - - -

"Paws" a moment (tee hee!) and have a great day!


Monday, October 09, 2006

Cookies and Flowers!

We had such a great "family" day yesterday!! It was one of those "take a picture" with your heart days - 'cause you always want to remember!!
We went to church and then had a nice dinner. (I LOVE my crock-pot!!) :)
Afterwards, we made "scarecrow cookies". The beauty of these is that scarecrows are supposed to look a little silly and lop-sided, right?? :)
We also took a long walk around our neighborhood and played some family games. We finished off the evening by watching a movie together. Treasured times.......

DH surprised me with some BEAUTIFUL flowers this week-end!!! He "hid" them in our room by my side of the bed - what a wonderful treat!! They mean so much to me - he's just the sweetest fellow!! ("Most" days!! hee hee!!!) I love that after all these years of marriage - he still finds ways to make me feel so special.

I finished the "C" in my Christmas project - and I'm well on my way to having the "T" finished as well. I don't have a pic - seems a little silly just to show a letter and a half!! :) As ever, I'm hoping to fit in some more "needle" time!!!

Happy Monday!