Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Please meet the new "fur-baby" at our house!!!!!!!!

I'd love for you to meet "Tea-Tsu (pronounced tee-sue)!!! She's just joined our family and she's already made our home a happier place to be!!!
She is a Japanese Chin and was an anniversary gift from my hubby. She was a show dog and was doing really well - so she was bred for her "prize" puppies - however, unfortunately, she's not able to carry puppies - so the breeder let her go. She's 2 1/2 years - so we avoided the "puppy" stage - a great bonus for us!!
She is such a sweetheart. She's already house-broken and is just the sweetest, silliest little love ever!!!! She already is a shadow to us - we never have to ask where the dog is - she's ALWAYS with some member of the family. She has also already become a fixture at the tennis courts - she just stays under a tree and watches us till we're ready to go. (Thank goodness she shows NO interest in chasing tennis balls!!!) :) She loves to show-off by doing her "chin spins" and she learned REALLY fast where the "treats" are kept. She's already made an attempt at "making off" with the "goodie" bag!! :) She didn't try to get into the bag - she was just hauling it around with her. :) -it was so funny - the bag is bigger than she is!!! :)
We are loving her more and more by the minute - and even hubby - who was reluctant to the whole "dog idea" at first - is slowly coming around to her... she just makes you love her!!

I just wanted to share our new "addition" - - - -

"Paws" a moment (tee hee!) and have a great day!