Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Please meet the new "fur-baby" at our house!!!!!!!!

I'd love for you to meet "Tea-Tsu (pronounced tee-sue)!!! She's just joined our family and she's already made our home a happier place to be!!!
She is a Japanese Chin and was an anniversary gift from my hubby. She was a show dog and was doing really well - so she was bred for her "prize" puppies - however, unfortunately, she's not able to carry puppies - so the breeder let her go. She's 2 1/2 years - so we avoided the "puppy" stage - a great bonus for us!!
She is such a sweetheart. She's already house-broken and is just the sweetest, silliest little love ever!!!! She already is a shadow to us - we never have to ask where the dog is - she's ALWAYS with some member of the family. She has also already become a fixture at the tennis courts - she just stays under a tree and watches us till we're ready to go. (Thank goodness she shows NO interest in chasing tennis balls!!!) :) She loves to show-off by doing her "chin spins" and she learned REALLY fast where the "treats" are kept. She's already made an attempt at "making off" with the "goodie" bag!! :) She didn't try to get into the bag - she was just hauling it around with her. :) -it was so funny - the bag is bigger than she is!!! :)
We are loving her more and more by the minute - and even hubby - who was reluctant to the whole "dog idea" at first - is slowly coming around to her... she just makes you love her!!

I just wanted to share our new "addition" - - - -

"Paws" a moment (tee hee!) and have a great day!


12 Blessings - Finished!!!!

Yes!! 12 Blessings is finally finished!! I have just loved working on this project. The colors and stitching have been a real pleasure. This is to be a gift this year - I see making another one of these for ME for next year!!! Now - this is off to my framer's (my hubby!) so that he can work his magic! I'll post another pic when he finishes with the framing.

Now, I'm busy trying to finish up my Heinzeit Christmas Blocks - - - I'll be keeping this project - I have the perfect spot all ready and waiting for it!!! I only have 28 small blocks left to do - so it should be ready soon. (I hope, I hope, I hope!!!!) :)

I've started thinking about making my "wanna-do" list of XS projects for '07. Have you started yours yet? As the saying goes - - "so many projects, so little time".
This has been a good stitching year for me - I haven't finished a lot of projects numbers-wise, but I did get bit by the stitching bug again and have once again found "joy in the needle". A floss, chart and needle are lots cheaper than therapy - anyday!!! :)

Enjoy finishing all those last-minute gift projects!!!!!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Only 2 More Squares to Go!!!!!

All right!! Only 2 more square left to go on my "Blessings" project!! I was able to finish "Caring" and "Family". I just have "Home" and "Peace" left to do. I can hardly wait to see how hubby will choose to frame this piece - this has been such a joy to do - it will be fun to see it finally "finished" completely.

After I finish the final two squares, I'll pull out my "Christmas" blocks piece again- and finish the border. THEN - I have an ornament to finish and then I'll be moving along to work on a patriotic piece (one of our bathrooms has a red, white and blue theme). I'm getting ready to make my "wanna do" list for 2007 - it's growing by leaps and bounds - I keep seeing the nicest things that I just "gotta" stitch!!! :)

On the homeschool front, Ian has finished up with his "Oceanography" unit - now we're moving into a Chemistry study. Oh Lord - I hope the house doesn't blow!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Thanks for taking a peek at my work - - - -


Saturday, November 04, 2006

"Christmas" letters finished

Wow - I just realized how badly these "Christmas" letters need to be ironed!! :) I finally finished the lettering on my "Christmas" project - now I just need to make time to add the border of hearts and boxes along the bottom.

I FINALLY received my order of the other four charts I need to finish off my LK "Blessings of Christmas" project. It took over a month for me to receive the charts - This "order lag" has happened quite a bit lately. My LNS converted to being more of a knitting store - so stitchers just don't get much attention anymore. - I think I am going to start doing most of my "stashing" via the Internet from now on. However - I DO have the charts in hand now - and I am "itching to stitch" and finish all my "blessings".

Yikes - I can't believe it's November already!!! When did THAT happen??? I have less than a month to finish up all my Christmas projects and get them to my "personal" framer - my hubby(!), so that he can frame them in time for gift giving and displaying.

Halloween was fun around here!! We carved a pumpkin (and I roasted the seeds - yummy!!).
DH, DS and I all dressed up this year. DH was Star Wars, DS was the cutest elephant you've ever seen (not biased at all here!!!) and I dressed as a pumpkin, although my figure type is more suited to a "squash". :)

Ian bagged in 8 (eight!!!!) pounds of candy - that's more than 2 pounds more than what he weighed when he was born!!!!

I think the thing I miss most about living "up North" (maybe the ONLY thing - hee hee!!) is the changing of the seasons. I love the Fall season the most - and I really miss seeing the leaves change and feeling a slight chill to the air...not much fun drinking hot chocolate when it's still in the upper-80's, lower 90's!!!! Ah well - nothing wrong with iced tea in January, right??? :)

Have a stitching-filled Saturday!!!!