Saturday, August 24, 2013

What I did on my summer vacation....

Warning - Picture heavy!

Remember back in the "good old days" when you always had to write the silly paper detailing what you did on summer vacation?  Wouldn't it have been MUCH more fun just to load up the paper with pictures?
Well, that's my goal for this post.   :)  This will be a multi-day post.  We didn't do everything in one day, so I'm not going to try and share all the pictures on one day!

First, there was some of this....

I'm one of those who "like" Star Wars, but I don't necessarily "love" Star Wars.  However, I am married to one of those people who fall into the second category.  My hubby LOVES Star Wars.  So, since Star Wars Weekends at Disney fell right during his birthday, we made the pilgrimage to the land where EVERYTHING is Star Wars!!!!  Now again, keeping in mind that I'm  not the one who is the "super-fan", I, of course, was the one singled out by the storm trooper during the show!  I am such a noodle-head...the storm trooper was talking to me during the show and I just assumed he was talking to the person behind me, so I'm snapping photo's like crazy and then realize that it's me he's talking to and that I should best pay attention to avoid any further humiliation. (Why he couldn't have spoken to the hubby-fan right next to me, I have no idea...but my embarrassment did allow me to grab a pretty nifty pic!!)    :)

Star Wars week-ends is held in the "Hollywood Studios" park.  There are lots of fun things to do there besides Star Wars....

Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster.  (I don't know any of the people who "photo-bombed" my pic)  It's Disney - it happens a lot!  LOL

Tower of Terror (Due to my knee, I can't ride that one)...but I've heard good things....

The Pixar Studios Area -

This area includes the Toy Story Midway Ride, (one of my favorite rides - we love trying to beat each others' scores!) and in close proximity, the Muppets Adventure.

This guy is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!!!!!   :)    (Heaven help me if he ever sees this blog post!!!)  LOL

Another ride at Hollywood Studios that I like is the "Great Movie Ride".  I love going back in time and seeing how the film industry has changed over the years.  It has a nice mix of the "golden oldies" and the more current movies of today.  I'm not sure the "littles" would be enthralled, but the adults I know seem to enjoy it.  The outside of the ride is decorated to mimic Graumans Chinese Theater.  Footprints/Handprints of the stars, the "grand" red-carpet entrance and even a statue or two for "authenticity".

 And of course, just like any Disney Park, there's always going to be plenty of this guy!!!

Another really fun thing we did at Hollywood Studios was to take a free "Art of Animation" Class.  I am SO NOT artistically gifted....I seriously cannot draw a circle with a compass nor a straight line with a ruler, but....I did walk out of the class with a pretty rad-lookin' drawing of Dopey (one of my favorite Dwarves!)
The class literally takes you step-by-step in a fun, up-beat, positive way.  I recommend it for older kids and adults.   :)

(Being honest, Hollywood Studios isn't my favorite Disney park (I'm an EPCOT kinda gal!) but there is a lot to be found here for all different tastes....and there is no other place in the world like the Osbourne Family Christmas lights display in December that is put on in this park each year!!!  Awe-Mazing!!)

And that my friends, is how we started our summer vacation!  Lots more pics to come....  :)

There's been a wee bit of stitching too - I'll share that in another post.

Hugs and Grace,

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I've Missed You!!!

Oh dear friends, I've missed you and I've missed blogging!  It feels like every time I have had five free minutes to blog, something has always come up.  Such a busy summer....most of it wonderful:  loved ones who came for a nice long visit, tennis and a tournament for Ian, and BEACH time.Then, there's some not so fun stuff as well;  continually working to make sure my mom has the best possible care available and an unexpected, painful stay in the hospital for kidney stones, infection and anemia.

I think I finally have the ship righted and ready to sail again!  :)

I haven't had much time to stitch, but hopefully by tomorrow, I'll have a small progress pic to share.  I'm working on Prairie Schoolers "Thanksgiving".

I also have lots of pictures to share from the "vacation" we took to different parts of Florida while our guests were here.  be warned, boring vacation pictures coming soon!   :)

I also (of course!) have a couple of new pictures of my cutie, cute-cute grandson to show as well!

I'm so glad my groove is back!  I really have missed being part of the bloggy world.     :)

Hugs and Grace,