Thursday, August 15, 2013

I've Missed You!!!

Oh dear friends, I've missed you and I've missed blogging!  It feels like every time I have had five free minutes to blog, something has always come up.  Such a busy summer....most of it wonderful:  loved ones who came for a nice long visit, tennis and a tournament for Ian, and BEACH time.Then, there's some not so fun stuff as well;  continually working to make sure my mom has the best possible care available and an unexpected, painful stay in the hospital for kidney stones, infection and anemia.

I think I finally have the ship righted and ready to sail again!  :)

I haven't had much time to stitch, but hopefully by tomorrow, I'll have a small progress pic to share.  I'm working on Prairie Schoolers "Thanksgiving".

I also have lots of pictures to share from the "vacation" we took to different parts of Florida while our guests were here.  be warned, boring vacation pictures coming soon!   :)

I also (of course!) have a couple of new pictures of my cutie, cute-cute grandson to show as well!

I'm so glad my groove is back!  I really have missed being part of the bloggy world.     :)

Hugs and Grace,


cucki said...

Sending you big hugs
Happpy stitching x

Edgar said...

Glad you're back , can't wait for the vacation snaps!!