Monday, October 09, 2006

Cookies and Flowers!

We had such a great "family" day yesterday!! It was one of those "take a picture" with your heart days - 'cause you always want to remember!!
We went to church and then had a nice dinner. (I LOVE my crock-pot!!) :)
Afterwards, we made "scarecrow cookies". The beauty of these is that scarecrows are supposed to look a little silly and lop-sided, right?? :)
We also took a long walk around our neighborhood and played some family games. We finished off the evening by watching a movie together. Treasured times.......

DH surprised me with some BEAUTIFUL flowers this week-end!!! He "hid" them in our room by my side of the bed - what a wonderful treat!! They mean so much to me - he's just the sweetest fellow!! ("Most" days!! hee hee!!!) I love that after all these years of marriage - he still finds ways to make me feel so special.

I finished the "C" in my Christmas project - and I'm well on my way to having the "T" finished as well. I don't have a pic - seems a little silly just to show a letter and a half!! :) As ever, I'm hoping to fit in some more "needle" time!!!

Happy Monday!