Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sharing a Finish :-)

I forgot to post a picture of this completed project after my hubby finished framing it.I just love the little "additions" he chose to put on the frame to compliment the stitched piece. This was a gift for a friend - I think I might have to put this design (All Hearts Warm by Lizzie Kate) back into my rotation pile and stitch another one for us to display in our home!

Thanks for looking!


I'm One Spoiled Stitcher!!

Just look at the WONDERFUL gifts that sweet Lillie stitched for me!!! Lillie had my name for the "Stitching Bloggers Birthday Exchange" group - and I just can't believe her kindness and generosity!! Have you ever seen such lovely gifts?? She put so much love and effort into my gifts - I am just SO touched!!! The pictures don't do her stitching and finishing justice. I can't believe how wonderful the stitching box turned out!!!
Lillie even tucked in a hand-stitched card and fun puzzle for Ian. Ian's birthday is also Christmas (just like his Mama!!) so it was extra special for him to receive an extra-special gift too!!
I am so grateful to have such a loving, generous "stitching sister" in Lillie - -
She made my (our!!) Christmas and Birthdays extra-special this year!!!

I just had to share - ENJOY!!!


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finally!!! Time to up-date

This is going to be a l-o-n-g up-date! This time of year is just go, go,go and I just haven't had much time to sit down and blog...but here goes......

The pics are of the first small that I've ever finished!!! I made it for my Stitching Birthday Bloggers Exchange buddy. I'm not thrilled with the way it turned out - it has a few funny lumps and bumps here and there (hey - just like my body!!!), but I did put a lot of love into it, I had fun doing it and I look forward to doing many, many, many more "small" finishes!!!! I did like the colors and the tree design and how the stitching turned out. I hope my "buddy"enjoys it - she sent the sweetest thank-you to me. I just love making goodies for fellow stitchers!!!

The other pics are pictures of some "feel better" flowers that my sweetie bought for me. I have really been "under the weather" lately. I have some heart issues anyway, but they had really been getting worse in the last few weeks. I kept going because of the holidays, but there were times when I honestly felt that I wasn't getting enough air in and I've just been flat exhausted. This isn't my personality at all and I've been SO frustrated!!! I tend to be a real go-getter and have annoyingly high amounts of energy, so this was a real change for me. After losing 20 pounds in three weeks (not complaining about that!!!), nearly passing out and having a few people who are really close to me tell me that I look like a "walking dead person" (nice friends I have, huh??) :), I went for some tests. Turns out that I have a level of "1" ferritin (iron) in my blood. I have no iron in my blood and only a "1" on a storage level of iron in my body. I am SEVERELY anemic. This diagnosis would cause all the awful symtoms that I'd been having and it kinda made me feel better just to know "what" was wrong. Does that make sense? Doc said that being anemic really accentuates any heart problems you already have and can even start new heart troubles if you're otherwise healthy. I've been advised that I need a type of transfusion because I'm so low in healthy blood right now - but I keep thinking that I need to wait till after the holidays - I'm still deciding what to do. In the meantime, I'm on more supplements than you can imagine. I joke that I don't have time to go do the transfusion thing right now 'cause I'm too busy taking supplements. I'm seriously taking 6 supplements 6 times/day!!!! Yikes!!! The worst part of this whole thing is that I'm on strict "no tennis" and no strenuous activity limitations for the time-being. You just have no idea how much I'm missing my beloved tennis!!!!
Anyway - I'm sure I'll be back and bouncing around in '08 and believe me, I'm really looking forward to being "well".

I hope that the other pics will enable you to have a "virtual" mini-tour of a few of the amazing gingerbread houses that are at Disney World this year. We went to all the resorts and Epcot this week so that we could enjoy the amazing sights and smells. I just love gingerbread houses and Disney goes all out (to say the least)! The carousel was amazing - so huge and had a cute chocolate tinkerbell topper.
The other gingerbread houses were life-size - you could walk through them!!! Of course, in typical Disney style, there were hidden Mickey's on each piece and we made it a fun family challenge to find them all - we found them!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!
I was really dragging by the end of the day at Disney - I was SO tired - but it was so worth it - we made such fun memories sharing the sights, sounds and smells!!!

Guess that's enough of a catch-up for me. I hope everyone is staying well - and warm, if you're in the path of the winter storms.

Today is cookie/candy baking day for us - so I'm off to be coated in flour!!

Have a Super Saturday!!


Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Happy Anniversary with my Honey!!!!

My Sweetie and I just celebrated 13 years together yesterday!!! We had a WONDERFUL day - the church service was one of the best I've ever heard - it really made me WANT to be a nicer person - even on my bad days. Then Ian's best friends' mom took Ian for the day so that we could have plenty of alone time! (wink, wink, nudge nudge!!!) :)
We then went out for a WONDERFUL dinner and spent the majority of the time talking about us and some of the wonderful times we've had together (we didn't talk about Ian "too" much - ha ha!) Afterwards, we spent some time Christmas and window-shopping. Last night we snuggled and watched a movie - then thanked God for a wonderful day. How I pray we'll have many more years to just love on each other!!!
(and that I'll remember this loving day the next time we start to head to the "war path") :)

Have a lovely Monday -


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jury Duty

I haven't been around much due to having jury duty. I know, this is a VERY important part of our justice system - but it was a real pain from the point of view that I wasn't able to accomplish ANY stitching!!! I expected to not be able to take my needlework scissors - but I wasn't even allowed to take in a needle!!! (and my favorite needle to use is "My Favorite Needle - Petite"!!! :(
I heard a joke a long time ago that said that a needleworkers idea of hell was to be stuck in a needlework shop where everything was free for the taking - but there were no needles in hell - now, I see just how cruel that really would be!!!!!!!
There was so much "hurry up and wait" time involved - I probably could've finished ALL my Christmas gifts and then some - - - but NO such "luck". Without going into much detail - the case involved a violent, repeat sexual offender...the stuff that nightmares are made of. I am SO glad to have this experience behind me. I don't think my home and family has ever felt so wonderful and safe!!! I am SO looking forward to lighting some wonderful smelling candles, baking some homemade goodies and stitching!! I really think I need a bit of time to "de-compress". My hubby really stepped up to the plate and took over Ian's homeschool (I had left detailed lesson plans) - and I'm so glad that Ian's "school" didn't suffer because Mom wasn't home to carry on! DH did breathe a HUGE sigh of relief when I came home and my service was finished though! (As did Ian!) They're great as Dad and Son - but both prefer Mom to handle things on the homeschool front.
On a brighter note - - - - we just had a new IKEA store open in Orlando! Woot! I just love IKEA and have really missed not having one nearby. Apparently, I'm not the only one who feels this way...hundreds of people waited in line for a few days for the "grand opening". Don't get me wrong - I LOVE IKEA, but not enough to battle the crowds and traffic that are sure to be there for the next few days. I think I'll just "cool my jets" a bit and head over to Orlando in a couple of weeks when the "hubub" dies down just a bit.
Well, that's it from my little corner of the world - - - so now, I'm off to take up my NEEDLE(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and stitch happily away. Join me, won't you???????

Have a jury-duty free Wednesday,


Friday, October 26, 2007

Breathing Easy!!

I'm SO happy to report that Ian is back to glowing health again! It is so wonderful to be able to sleep through the night and not wake up to wheezing and struggling. He's been off the steroids for a week now and is still breathing easy. We are so grateful for "normalcy"!

As you can see, I did manage to begin working on "My Beloved" from Country Cottage Needleworks. I just love this saying - kind of looks silly without the other "Songs" being finished though, huh? :) This piece is in need of a good ironing, and then it will be set aside for a few days while I work on some Christmas ornaments. My goodness, how did it get to be the end of October already? Just over a month until it's time to put those ornaments on the trees AND get them ready for gift-giving. I just bought the 2007 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine and I'm pulling out my older copies from years past and heading off to the tub this evening for some delightful "picking and choosing" time for the ornaments I would like to stitch.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been so affected by the fires in So. California.

Have a fantastic Friday!


Monday, October 08, 2007

Does this look like a viking house to you???

We're still struggling with Ian's breathing difficulties - although he's MUCH better than he was. I can't believe how much we took for granted in the days before his latest round of asthma troubles. At least we've found a wonderful Dr. that is really working with us - and it is helping. I can hardly wait for a truly cough-free day!!!
So - homeschooling continues - we're now in the time period of the vikings. So...of course, you can't study the vikings without making an "authentic" viking-style house, right? I ask you - does this look like a true viking dwelling or what?? ha ha ha!!! It even comes complete with a grass-clipping roof!!! lololol
Can you just imagine how bad we're going to massacre a mid-evial castle when we get to that time period??? :) We're having fun on our time-travel through history though - and I hope he has good memories of time spent together - if not necessarily our "end" products!!!

On the stitching front - I FINISHED my "All Hearts Warm" piece - it turned out really cute in my not-so-humble opinion, but it just may wind up being a gift for someone so I've decided not to post a pic of the finished "product". After all the stress that's been happening lately (In addition to Ian's health troubles, one of my best friends had a heart attack, it just ain't been a good month, I tell ya!) I've also found myself President of our HOA - and quite frankly, that's been a REAL pain in the you-know-what. To cope with said stress, I decided to treat myself to some mini stash-enhancement. I bought Country Cottage Needleworks "My Beloved" and "A Place We Call Home" complete with fabrics and all the lovely specialty threads needed to complete the designs. I'm determined to carve out some time tonight to start the "Beloved" piece tonight. I need cross stitch and chocolate - and lots of both! Don't you think our country would be in better shape if everyone in government were required to stitch?? lololol
Thanks again for all the prayers and good thoughts that were sent for Ian. I'd really appreciate you still remembering him as you pray.

Wishing you a marvelous Monday,


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ian Update

Thank you SO very much for the prayers and kind words that have been sent Ian's way. I'm happy to report that he's doing much better now - we're still playing with adjusting meds and he's still on the steroids - but he's so much better than he was.
I'm reallu hopeful that his week will get back to more of a "normal" routine - I'm so looking forward to having an "ordinary" week!!

Have a "mundane" Monday - -


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Please Pray...

Hi Friends -
I'm hoping that you each might take just a moment and say a prayer for my little guy, Ian. After showing a lot of improvement over the past few days - he's taken a bad turn again...and I'm (we're) so worried about him.
His Pulmonologist wanted to try him on a new med to see if it would help prevent his asthma flares. We got the RX filled last night but we decided to wait to give it to him this afternoon so that we could start a new medicine regimen with him. After just one puff on the new inhaler...Ian went into anaphalatic shock! He started turning blue and got very rigid and was really struggling to get breath. Thank God we have an epi-pen at home - he's resting much easier now - but his cough is still bothering him, his chest, neck and arm are really hurting him and his chest looks like a war wound. He has bright patches of broken capillaries all over his chest...we think it's just because he was struggling so hard to breathe that it ruptured the vessels under his skin - but it still looks awful. Needless to say, he won't EVER be using that inhaler again! I was so frightened - this was the worst he's ever been.
I'm so grateful that we are where we are and that he has wonderful medical care - but we would still be ever so grateful for prayers, thoughts, vibes or lit candles on his behalf. This motherhood business is tough work - I think the Psych Ward is gonna be the next stop for me (and his Dad too) or maybe just a trip to the Chocolate Ward (is there such a place? If not, there certainly should be!)
Thanks for "being there" for us and for thinking of Ian.

Wishing you a stress-free evening,


Friday, September 07, 2007

Calgon - Take Me Away!!!!!

Wow - do I need some calgon!!!!!!!! Poor Ian took a drastic turn for the worse. The oral medicines and the nebulizing we were using at home just weren't enough to control his asthma anymore. So, off we went to get additional help. Thank goodness for wonderful medical care! It's been a few VERY stressful days for is so frightening to watch your child struggle to breathe. He's been such a good trooper through all of this - just so exhausted from the chronic coughing and the effort of breathing.
It's so good to feel like we're slowly getting back to a normal routine - there truly is "no place like home".

I haven't had a lot of time to stitch...but I have had time to peruse some wonderful stitching blogs and I've gotten really inspired to rev up my own stitching - I can hardly wait to finish my holiday stitching and try my hand at making my first pinkeep!

Wishing each of you a cough-free Friday,


Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Finish and a Beginning

My goodness! I never did get any of that extra "free time" that I was SO looking forward to. :( We had some un-expected company and other time commitments and this past month has just been "go, go, go"!!!!

This past week, Ian has had a horrible bout with his asthma - poor fellow, he's been on lots of meds and round the clock nebulizer treatments. Looking on the bright side - his illness has given us a good excuse to just slow down and stay home...
This extra time has been such a blessing! I was able to finish my "It's 5:00 Somewhere" design (gotta luv that sentiment!!) and I started on one of my Chirstmas "gifties" - "All Hearts Warm at Christmas" by Lizzie Kate.

One of my favorite on-line XS shops is having a 20% off sale this week - so I am looking forward to spending quite a bit of time (and money) taking advantage of said sale!! I have been "stash-deprived" for quite a while now - so I figure I'm over-due for a bit of a spending spree!!! Yippee!!!!

Homeschool is "supposed" to start again in ernest tomorrow - it will still be a bit of "homeschool lite" for us as poor Ian is still weak, tired and under-the-weather. He was really looking forward to participating in a local tennis tourney this week-end, but it just wasn't meant to be. The way his cough sounds, he'd scare his opponents off the court w/ his cough, not his ability!!! :(

Hopefully, now that "tourist" season is over for the summer (is tourist season ever over in Florida???) we should have much less company, so again, I'm hoping for more free time.............................

Have a happy August wind-down,


Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Finish!!

Finally, a finish from me!! Our not-so-little guy has been under the weather for the past couple of days, so I've had some un-exepected stitchig time open up!!! This little patriotic design will be "living" in our guest bath, which has a (you guessed it!) red, white and blue color scheme. I love the sentiment on this piece - "We live in the land of the free because of the brave" - so very true!!!!

We aren't expecting any company until Friday - so hopefully, the next few days will allow me to spend some extra time with my needle and floss!!

Ian and I finished reading "Trumpet of the Swan" this week. It's been so nice to go back through and read some of the books that I remember reading when I was young...hopefully, he'll have good reading memories to pass on to his children someday...

I'm off to make some more tea w/ honey and lemon for my littlest sweetie -

Have a wonderful week-end!!


Friday, July 06, 2007

So Much for More Blogging Time!! :)

As you've probably noticed - since my last post, where I boldly stated that "I would have more time to blog" - i haven't blogged a single entry!! :)
I just don't know how things get so busy around here sometimes...I haven't had much time for stitching or reading or....well, you get the idea.

We have been experiencing our annual flood of "unexepected company" again this summer. Again we ask - where did all these people come from?? Every summer, we find it so amusing that folks that never wanted to visit us before (when we lived "up north")- suddenly want to see "us" again. It can't possibly be that we now live on a beautiful beach, close to Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, etc...right??? :) We're still getting visitors only because of our dazzling prsonalities and loving hearts...ok, probably not! :)

I am REALLY hoping to log some more time for stitching - for a couple of reasons...the main one being that I tend to get a wee bit cranky if I don't have a daily chance to put needle to thread (needlework is such a stress-reliever for me - soothing to my soul - if you will) and the second is because I have a boat-load of Christmas gifts that I would love (NEED) to stitch. I'm afraid "Come and Share" is going to go sit on the back burner for a bit while I turn my focus towards getting some Christmas stitching done. I hate having another "unfinished project" (like say "Delicate Beauties") but I really need to "zone in" on my Christmas stash for a bit. I can hardly wait for this years JCS Ornament issue to arrive!!

Ah well - back to running our "Bed and Breakfast" ...As the saying goes - location, location, location!!! :)


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finally - A finish!!! :)

Hip Hip Hooray!!! I finally finished those silly Christmas blocks!!! I have NO idea why it took me so long to get around to completing this project...but now it's been handed off to the framer (my hubby!) and I can move on!! Yippee!!
I've still been working on my "Pot of Tea" project and I've started another small patriotic design and of course, I still have "Delicate Beauties" lurking in the background. I have also realized how many Christmas gifts I need to stitch - so this summer may need to be devoted almost entirely to gift-making.

Things have finally slowed here a I hope to get back into a habit of regular blogging. Homeschool has wrapped for the summer, although Ian still wants to do history and science during his "break". Those are my favorite subjects too - so it won't seem like real "work" on my part. We also have a LONG list of good books that we want to read during the summer...I'm really looking forward to spending that precious time together with him. It's always so much fun to discuss books with him - it's great to watch his personality come out - and see how he views character's actions and situations.

It's good to be back to my blog (and especially to show a finish!!!) :)


Monday, May 14, 2007

Finally some time for blogging!!

"Thanks" to the smoke from the wildfires that have been ravaging Florida - I have been forced inside. Poor Ian has had a major asthma flare - so he and I are enjoying some "down" time and staying inside.
One of the benefits of my "down" time has been more stitching time!! I was able to make some progress on "Come and Share" and I even talked myself into working a bit on my "Christmas Blocks" project. I just ordered the new "Inspiration Series" from Heart in Hand - ah, yet another "wanna do" that will be added to my ever-expanding list. Sticking with the "crafty thred" (Bad, Bad pun!!), I've started knitting a prayer shawl for a friend of mine who's going through a rough spot right now. I hope my simple efforts will bless her.
I also have been able to get some reading time. I hadn't realized how much I would enjoy having "extra" time to sit down for a bit.
Having said that - we're still chomping to get back outside - we can't even spend time on the beach because of the haze...
Homeschool is still humming along - I now have homeschool "bean and corn projects" growing in my closets, windowsills, freezer and refrigerator. I'm going to be SO glad when our botany study is finished!!! I never know what (usually fuzzy) thing I'm going to find growing where...
We're doing an in-depth study of Ancient China - that's been fascinating. I thought I had really paid attention in my history classes long ago - but it's amazing how much I'm learning along with Ian. We're making our own "silk", ink, paper and other cool stuff, just like the ancients did. However, I've drawn the line at making our own fireworks!! I told Ian that I was pretty sure that since we live in an HOA/deed-restricted community - there has to be something in the covenants that prohibits us from making our own pyro-technics!! :)

Bless those firefighters who are working to protect us!!!


Stitching Bloggers Birthday Gift

My partner for the Stitching Bloggers birthday exchange received her gift - so NOW I can show it to you!!! I had a lot of fun searching for just the right thing to stitch as a birthday gift - though it presented a bit of a challenge - searching for a gift for someone you've never "met". I found this design by LizzieKate -"Stitchers Make the Best Friends" and knew that I had found just what I was looking for!!! Isn't that sentiment true? Sharon (the OTHER Sharon from FL) :) - here's HER site: - sent me the nicest note thanking me for her gifts. I'm so happy that she liked them - and I think I may just have to stitch this design again for ME!!!

Have a WONDERFUL week!!


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pics to Share...

Let's see, by way of up-date and to explain the pics....
We took our "fur baby" to the doggie spa last Friday and treated her to "the works"!
She was bathed, deep-conditioned w/ marshmallow conditioner (hubby says she smells like an over-grown "peep" ha ha!!), her nails and teeth were also done.
She was so funny when we picked her up - she was strutting around so much, we've taken to calling her "diva doggie"!! Enjoy the pics!!

There was a kite festival held on our beach this week-end! What a sight!! It was such a perfect day!!! The sky was a brilliant blue, the ocean was turquoise and the kites were every color of the rainbow!! We had a really good time watching each of the kites take flight. The sky was filled with color - it was amazing!! I've only included a pic of one of the kites - didn't want to over-whelm you w/ ALL of the pics that we took!! :)

I have managed to fit in a wee bit of stitching time...I'm posting my progress pic on "Come and Share". I've decided with the busy schedule I've had lately, I'm going to keep working on Come and Share and on finishing the "Christmas Blocks" project = but then, I'm going to take a break from bigger projects for a while and only work on small, fast-to-finish projects. I really need to have some small projects that will travel well with me as I do my "running and waiting"!

I was planning on having a large Easter dinner and inviting friends - but Ian is playing in a tournament on Easter week-end, so we'll probably eat dinner out on Sunday evening after the matches. Not exactly "traditional" - but it will work for us. I've been assured that the "Easter Bunny" will still attempt to deliver a basket to our house - I sure hope that there will be some extra chocolates tucked in there for ME!!!!!

Gaining weight as I think chocolate, chocolate, chocolate......


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Table Favors...

I need some table favors for Easter dinner so I quickly put these together. I saw the basic idea on a wedding show (using shells and sand) - I substituted jelly beans and a hair scrunchie and voila'!!!! I think I'll make up a few more large vases for displaying on the table to balance it out and put the smaller tea-votive holders out as place holders and "favors".

Just thought I'd share - -


Monday, March 26, 2007

A Beautiful Day in Our "Backyard"!

The weather has just been glorious this week!! Perfect "spend the day on the beach" kind of weather! I just couldn't resist snapping a picture of my not-so-little guy enjoying time in our "backyard". We have had some strong rip currents to beware of - (Ian got caught in a rip current last summer and managed to "rescue" himself by following what he'd been told over and over and over - "If you get caught in a rip - swim parallel to shore"!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad and I and a lifeguard were all on our way out to help him break the "pull" - but he free'd himself and made me feel a lot better to know that he had actually paid attention to what he'd been told so many times!) We also had a couple of shark sightings - "Jaws" never came too close to shore though - guess there just weren't enough yummy tourists to lure him beach-side!

Ian is still doing great with his tennis!!! Undefeated, so far!! We have a tennis break this week - tournament-wise, not practice-wise - - - so it will be nice to have a bit more free time. Next week, it's back to the courts full-force!

I haven't had much time for stitching this week. Some relationship matters have had to take precedence. Hopefully, this week will provide some nice "respite" time.

Enjoy being where you are!!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time-Out for some fun....

We decided to take a "time-off" day and have some fun at Downtown Disney. It was so much fun to just have a day to wander around and have a fun meal. We ate at Rainforest Cafe - Ian's favorite eatery in Disney. The food was really good and just to "celebrate" being together, we ordered a "volcano"...a brownie, carmel, hot fudge, ice-cream "mountain". It was SOOOO yummy - but I'm glad we walked around a LOT that day - can you just imagine the calories??? :) I just love days when we make wonderful memories!!!

I finished up my little Santa pillow design. I'll tuck him away in my finishing drawer until I'm ready to sew him up into his final "presentation". I'm back now to working on my "Come and Share" tea project. I'm also going to spend a day this week on my "Christmas Block" piece.

I also did a bit of "stashing" this week!! I bought Little House' "Home of a Needleworker", A "Flip-Flop" candle wrapper pattern (one of our bathrooms has a beach theme - this will be perfect in there!) and a magnetic needle keeper. The needle keeper is a cute little birdhouse - I just love it!!!

Ian won another tennis match he entered! I need to find some time to really get out there and work on my drills - he's going to skunk me if I don't get busy and stay on-top of my game!!! Last time we went to play tennis, we stopped to watch a mama dolphin teaching her baby how to fish in the lagoon!!! (The courts are steps away from the inlet) It was such an AWESOME sight!!! I was surprised at how close they came to was great!!!!! Only problem was we didn't play much tennis 'cause we were so busy watching the dolphins - - :)

Well, I'm off to supervise some "creative" writing...I can only imagine what topic an 11-yr old boy is going to come up with!!! :) :) :)

Thanks for visiting....


Monday, February 26, 2007

Lots to Up-Date!!!

I have lots of things to up-date today! First off - big hugs and congrats to our son, Ian, who won his first-ever "under-the-lights" tennis match on Friday!!!!!
Way to go, son - you've worked really hard and it showed!!!

In my "spare" (yea, right) time away from the courts, I have managed to do a bit of work on my "Come and Share" project. I don't know why this took such a bad picture - I really like the way it's turning out. I'm hoping that when it's finished, it will be a delightful addition to my "Tea"-themed kitchen.

I'm also working on a small project for a door-hanger Christmas pillow. Thus, the pic of the partially-finished Santa. I've decided to devote at least one day per week working on a project for Christmas. I'm going to finish that "left-over" 2006 Christmas Block design - no matter what!!! :)

I also finished a gift for my "Birthday Bloggers" exchange partner...but, since it's going to be a gift - I can't post it here just yet.

On the homeschooling front, we finished up the first volume of "Story of the World" and we're now happilly engaged in the second volume. We're nearly finished with our Chemistry study and will begin a unit on botany before too long. As I have a brown thumb, hand and arm, I'm not sure how succesful we'll be - I hope no little green plants will have to be harmed (by me!) in this new learning adventure.

Go hide your plants! :)


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bumped, Battered and Bruised (but I bounce!!)

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I do have a good excuse though....(not a fun one - but a good one!) About three weeks ago, I was playing a competitive game of tennis, jumped to reach backwards for a shot that I knew darn-well that I couldn't reach, lost my balance and fell down hard!!!
I hurt my wrist, shoulder, ankle and hip and also wound up with a nasty concussion. I seemed to be healing nicely for the first few days - but then, I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible eye pain in my right eye. My vision was blurry and I just felt "wrong".
Thank goodness, our best friend is an Opthamologist and saw me right away. It seems that when I fell on my head (note to self - DON'T do this ever again!!), I partially detached my retina and broke several blood vessels around and behind my eye. The pain was caused when enough blood pooled in my eye and couldn't "evacuate" itself. So - I was told to completely rest my reading, stitching, computing, swimming, tennis, driving, etc. etc. etc. I wasn't even allowed to watch TV for long periods of time. MAJOR bummer!!!!
I passed the time mostly by letting Ian read to me ('course I had to listen to books HE wanted to read - -) =) and by playing lots of board games with the family. We made the best of a bad situation - but I am SO happy to be back among the blessed land of vision!!!
I'm still on restrictions for the amount of time that I can compute, read, stitch, etc...but I'm grateful to still have my sight!!

It feels so good to be picking up my needle again - I surely have the "itch to stitch"!!!
I hope I'll have some progress to share shortly.

It's good to "see" everyone again.....


Monday, January 15, 2007

A Little Bit 'O Progress

I've made a little progress on my "Come and Share" project. I've also added a design into my rotation that will be a birthday gift for my "Bloggers Birthday" person...I've made a bit of headway on this project - but not enough to post a pic yet.

Yesterday was the first "good" breathing day that Ian has had in a week. This asthma flare has been a bad one for him...hopefully, the worst is behind us!!!!! He had a lot of fun jumping back into tennis today - he can't wait to hit the courts tomorrow for his lesson...

I hope all my "Midwest" friends are safe and staying warm...I sure don't miss dealing with ice storms!!!!!!!!

I'm SO tired today - made the mistake of staying up all last night through this AM to catch the Austrailian Open (tennis) live. All of our favorite players were in the first round - so we stayed up to catch the action! was worth it though - everyone we cheer for made it through - ugh - we still have two more weeks (with matches all but 2 days) until the finals!!!
We have a license plate that says "Eat, Sleep, Tennis" - guess we're gonna have to scratch out that "sleep" part for a while! :)

Sweet Dreams..............


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stash arrived!

I received half of my stash order in today's mail. Woo-hoo!! I've had so much fun "pawing" through my new patterns, fabrics and fibers!!!

Ian had a bad asthma flair during the night, so today was a stay-at-home and feel-better day. Unfortunately, he's back on steroids for a few days...but I'm grateful that they are available to help him breathe!!!!

Because today was a stay-at-home day, I popped a pot roast in the crock pot this morning. The house has smelled yummy all day. I've also made rolls and we're having a fruit salad to go with. Anyone wanna come for dinner??? We've got plenty to share! :) :) :)

I'm posting my progress on "Come and Share". I just love the colors of this project...they'll fit in perfect with my kitchen's color scheme and theme. (blue/white/pink/yellow) and tea.
Now with my stash arriving - I want to finish this piece so that I can work on something new!!!

Hey - how 'bout them Gators?!!! Did anyone else watch the game on Monday? I was definitly in a win-win situation here. I'm from Ohio - so of course, I LOVE the Buckeyes - but now I'm absolutely in love with life in Florida - so I'm also a die-hard Gator fan!! I figured no matter the outcome - on Tuesday, I would be able to walk around and say that "my" team won! Hee hee!!!
:) :) :)

Thanks for visiting my "on-line" home!!!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

Things have FINALLY settled a wee bit around here and now we're back to just the normal "hurry and scurry".
I hope everyone had a wonderful kick-off to the New Year! Happy 2007 !!!!!!!!! I hope that it will be a year that will bring each of you many happy memories!

I took some of my birthday money and went "stashing" for XS stuff!! Whoo-hoo!!! :) I was able to hit a couple of "New Year's" sales at a couple of my favorite on-line stitching stores - always a plus!!

Here's my list of goodies:

-Bent Creek = Wedding Row
-The Sweetheart Tree = Patriotic Square and Land of the Free
-Stoney Creek = Betsy Rossbear
-Stoney Creek = Mom's Sewing Room
-Cross Country Stitching = Herbal Tea Garden
4 different fabrics
2 packs of "Perfect Needles" (I just LOVE these!!!)

I can hardly wait for the goodies to make their way into my mailbox!!!!

So -here's my list of "Gee, I hope I finish this in 2007" projects - - (I know that I probably won't finish all of my wanna-do's - but it's fun to imagine and it IS good to have goals, right??) :)

No particular order here - - - -

Finish that silly Heinzeit Christmas Block project!!
Finish another page of "Delicate Beauties"
Wedding Row
Patriotic Square
Land of the Free
ABC Tea Sampler
Mom's Sewing Room
Come and Share a Pot of Tea (old design, I know - about time I get around to stitching it!!) :)
Bosco BooBerry
Heart Blooms (Shepherds Bush)

We'll just have to see how much stitching time 2007 brings...I really do hope to finish more projects in '07 than I did in '06.

I also have a few personal goals for myself in '07 - I won't bore you with those details! (Please feel free to thank me for not sharing!!) :) :) :)

New Year Hugs,