Monday, October 08, 2007

Does this look like a viking house to you???

We're still struggling with Ian's breathing difficulties - although he's MUCH better than he was. I can't believe how much we took for granted in the days before his latest round of asthma troubles. At least we've found a wonderful Dr. that is really working with us - and it is helping. I can hardly wait for a truly cough-free day!!!
So - homeschooling continues - we're now in the time period of the vikings. So...of course, you can't study the vikings without making an "authentic" viking-style house, right? I ask you - does this look like a true viking dwelling or what?? ha ha ha!!! It even comes complete with a grass-clipping roof!!! lololol
Can you just imagine how bad we're going to massacre a mid-evial castle when we get to that time period??? :) We're having fun on our time-travel through history though - and I hope he has good memories of time spent together - if not necessarily our "end" products!!!

On the stitching front - I FINISHED my "All Hearts Warm" piece - it turned out really cute in my not-so-humble opinion, but it just may wind up being a gift for someone so I've decided not to post a pic of the finished "product". After all the stress that's been happening lately (In addition to Ian's health troubles, one of my best friends had a heart attack, it just ain't been a good month, I tell ya!) I've also found myself President of our HOA - and quite frankly, that's been a REAL pain in the you-know-what. To cope with said stress, I decided to treat myself to some mini stash-enhancement. I bought Country Cottage Needleworks "My Beloved" and "A Place We Call Home" complete with fabrics and all the lovely specialty threads needed to complete the designs. I'm determined to carve out some time tonight to start the "Beloved" piece tonight. I need cross stitch and chocolate - and lots of both! Don't you think our country would be in better shape if everyone in government were required to stitch?? lololol
Thanks again for all the prayers and good thoughts that were sent for Ian. I'd really appreciate you still remembering him as you pray.

Wishing you a marvelous Monday,



Chiloe said...

Glad you found a doctor that is willing to work with you!

Good job for the house : can't wait to see the castle !!! lol Ian doesn't get too bored to not go to school?

Barbeeque4 said...

Hi Sharon,
thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I am happy to see that things are settling down at your house. The Viking house is super!! My mom lives in Ormond Bch and I try to visit at least once a year, in fact I graduated from Mainland Sr in Daytona a 1000 years ago.

Do stop back by.

WooHoo for the seasonal icecreams!!!!

Take care,

Lillie said...

Glad that Ian is feeling better, hoped everything will worked out with new Dr. Congrads is in order on your new appointment then.

The house looks good. Have a good weekend and take care :D