Friday, April 17, 2015

Stitch from Stash - April

Time once again to check in with my stitch from stash report.  I "kind of" fell off the wagon again this month but I feel like this purchase was "needful".  :)   My wonderful #5 son asked his sweet and beautiful girlfriend to be his bride and she said yes!  Therefore, this mama had to go into wedding sampler mode.  I searched around and found this little gem.  I'm not normally a "kit" girl, but this one matched my  dear eventual daughter-in-love's  chosen wedding colors really nicely, so I pulled out ye olde visa card and purchased it.  Aren't weddings such happy occasions to stitch for?
(Keeping count?  3 sons are married, 1 is engaged and 2 who are laser-focused on college),    :)


I'm planning on blinging this up a bit by adding lots of pearls and beads.  This will be a nice change-up of colors from all the grays and browns from my wolf.  (Exciting news to come on that front shortly!)

I spent $16.19 for the kit, which means that I stayed under the monthly limit for  my SFS budget.  Woot - woot!!!

Hugs and Grace,