Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Framed and a Finish!!!

My darling hubby was able to finish framing our wedding gift this week-end. I think he did a nice job. I wish the matt showed better in the picture - hubby chose a wonderful textured matt that's SO soft - a perfect choice for this design. I also like the frame he chose. (Only problem is he got very ambitious and framed it before I had a chance to clip off a couple of extra loose "ends" off the back of the piece before he framed it -ugh). Oh well, I appreciate his help and support and maybe not too many people will notice my couple of little "tail" threads. I HOPE!!!!!! I just didn't' have the heart to ask hubby to un-do his work for me to "fix it". I've learned a valuable lesson - I will "clip" as I stitch from now on, for sure!!! At any rate - I LOVE my framer!!

I found some time to finish a piece from my new stash. Lizzie Kate's "Tea for Two". This was such a fun, fast finish. It will be a fun fit into my tea-themed kitchen.

I'm so grateful to say that Ian is feeling SO much better! We'll be hitting the courts again this week for some short practices. He isn't cleared for competition yet (he's very competitive and very fast when he's on the court - his tennis nickname is the "Ianator" - so he needs to work back to that slowly as he continues to recover. We've been doing lots of walking to build back his endurance - hopefully we'll be back at blasting balls before too long! Hmm...maybe I should challenge him to a game while he's in thia "weakened" state - this may be my only chance to get a win in against him!! :)

On the homemaking front - I have to bring treats to church next Wednesday for a marriage class that hubby and I are taking. I'm taking some chocolate cherry brownie-fudgy treats and I was thinking of also taking some of those small-size muffins in lemon poppyseed. I have the recipe and a small muffin tin - but I have no idea how much batter to put into each "little" tin to make a "little" muffin. Anyone know?

Homeschool is still a fun adventure for our family. Yesterday for math, I had Ian choose 4 cities in the US at random (One from the east coast, one from the central US, one from the west and then one on the west coast). He then had to figure the milage and then calculate how much the trip would cost in gas according to the national average price/gallon. He was suprised at how "low" the cost was until he remembered that it had to be "round trip". He also had to figure out how often to stop, (hotel prices), the estimated cost of food and the costs of attractions that he'd like to visit on his "imaginary" trip. He was shocked at how quickly costs can add up. Next week, for his "real life" math lesson, he'll be doing a grocery list and keeping track of those expenses...one lesson he WON'T ever be asked to do? Keep track of Mom's stitching expenditures!!! :) :) :)

Have a Totally Terrific Tuesday!!!!!



Sandra Ree said...

It looks beautiful Sharon! Your husband did a good job. :)

Shelleen said...

Your husband did a great job and no one can probably notice the tails in the back.

Littlebit's collections said...

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your comment. Your work is really good.

Meari said...

Both your projects look great!