Saturday, September 26, 2015

And we have a finish!

This is a wedding gift for my son and his fiancé.  They won't be married until next summer but it feels great to have this finished!   This was such a fun stitch.  I LOVE the happy colors (and it matches the bride-to-be's chosen colors!).  This makes the second large (large to me anyway) finish in this year.  First, I finished the wolf design and now this wedding design!  Woot!

Next up is going through my stash and setting up a rotation system of some sort.  I'm going to place a real miss-mash of projects in my 2016 basket.  Some large pieces:   (I'm going to be starting a Chatelaine, a Celtic Angel (done in the alternate autumn colors) and also, a HEAD design).  Some medium-size designs:  (Merry Christmas Y'all), and some small, fun Lizzie Kates, Little House,  Country Cottage and some little freebies.  (And any other goodies I might pick up along the way).   I also want to pull out a couple of UFO's and work towards getting them finished.  I'm telling you, it's going to get downright whacky around here!     :)
Again, I'm going to be giving away some stash as I do my major sorting, so stay tuned!

Hugs and Grace,


Vickie said...

Very pretty! But what month will they marry in?

CalamityJr said...

What a beautiful wedding memory (to be). I love that you're so far ahead of the big day - I must admit that I recently finished a wedding gift the day before! And just to share a chuckle, their thank you note said they loved the embroidered photo. Huh?

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely finish & great keepsake!

Dianne said...

The wedding sampler is beautiful. Looking forward to your rotation and watching your projects grow.