Saturday, September 05, 2015

A give-away and time to roll the scroll...

Sorry I didn't put up my give-away post up earlier.  It's been one of "those" weeks where anybody, everybody and everything has needed (and deserved!) my attention. So, here goes:

I'm doing a drawing for a give-away.  Let's not get our bloomers in a bunch over's a small give-away of some of my favorite things.  These are non-stitchy related items.   It's not an $$$ give-away, so if you're thinking you're going to ebay any of the items for major bucks, you're fresh out of luck.  LOL  These are just some fun things that I love and use on an almost daily basis.  Please toss your hat into the ring in the comments.  I will put all names into a hat (seriously, yes, I'm using a hat!) and our youngest son will draw the winner next Saturday.  I'll post the winner's name immediately thereafter.  Again, If you're here reading, please enter!   :)

I hit the point this morning where my millennium frame needed to roll up a wee bit for me to be able to stitch the bottom part of the wedding stitch for my son and his fiance.  I decided to take it off the scroll and take a picture of the work I have finished so far.  I still have lots of ribbons and stems to stitch and then personalize it, but so far I'm really happy with how it's turning out.
I know you're probably getting pretty tired of seeing the same piece over and over.  I so appreciate your lovely comments you've left for me.
(Again, it's "Cherished Wedding" designed by Ursala Michael, Janlyn Kit)

I've decided that come 2016, I'm going to go all ape-crazy and set up some kind of whacky rotation system.  Hang on kids, it might be a bumpy ride....   :)

I've also been going through our photos and editing a lot of them.  I am so far behind in posting "travel-type" pics.  There are some pretty neat ones that I can't wait to share.  Hopefully, I'll be able to post some in the next couple of weeks.  (you might not be too thrilled with the thought of travel pics, but I can promise a lot are Disney and a LOT are food...hopefully that will tempt you a bit?)  lol

Thank you so much for coming to my little spot in the world. I so appreciate the time that you spend with me.  I hope each of you have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs and Grace,


Vickie said...

Well sure, may I be in your giveaway? So nice to see an updated picture.

Debbie said...

Hi Sharon,
I always enjoy your blog. Looking forward to your posting the "travel-type" photos!
Have a great weekend.

Barb said...

That is a very pretty design for the wedding! Can't wait to see where you have been traveling to!

Annie said...

Your giveaway sounds fun! I'd love to be entered, thanks:)
Lovely stitching!

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Your stitching is so pretty. I agree the give a way sounds fun. Count me in.

Dizzy said...

Your Cherished Wedding looks great. I look forward to following your rotation. I am lousy at it. I would love to be part of your give-a-way. thank you for your generosity.