Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Last year around this time, I decided I needed a word to live by during 2011.  The word I came up with was "cherish".  I've been thinking a lot about what my word should be for 2012.  As hard as I tried (and used my Bible, my thesaurus, and a couple of visits to google), I couldn't come up with anything better than my much beloved word, "cherish".  So, I decided if it wasn't broke, I didn't need to duct-tape it!  :)
Having "cherish" as my focus word was fun in the good times, humbling in the bad times and encouraging in the awful times.  So, I'm going to stick with cherish...  I have so much to cherish in my life and it just fits me!
Stay tuned as I find new ways to "cherish" 2012!

I "cherish" a fresh beginning to a New Year that is filled with promise, possibility, love and adventure!



MoonBeam said...

Love your thinking...I am going to try to adopt your philosophy. Cherish has always been one of my favorite words...I think I'll stitch it for posterity!


P.S. Beautiful photo, too.

Peggy Lee said...

Very good word...worth a second year for sure!

Minnie said...

Good choice, like you said if it's not broken...