Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's Been Rough....

Whew - what a bumpy ride we've had during the past couple of weeks!! Our son developed an infection in his foot which then quickly spread to his leg and he's been a sick little cookie! We are so grateful for the wonderful medical care that he received and feel so blessed that our prayers have been answered. I'm VERY happy to report that he is well on his way to making a complete recovery!!!!! Thank you so much to those who remembered our family in their prayers!

I did get a wee bit of stitching accomplished during this family "down" time - I added a new square and the "Blessings" border. I just LOVE this project! It works up so fast and the colors are so bright and cheery! I can see the end in sight for this piece in the not "too" distant future - so now I'm on the prowl for some new stash! :)

I also was able to get in a couple of reads during this time - I finished "Murder of a Smart Cookie" by Denise Swanson and "Dark Torte" by Dianne Mott Davidson. Hmmm. I'm detecting a food theme here - bring on the goodies!!! I enjoyed both books and recommend them to all.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!


Monday, May 08, 2006

"Love" Square Finished

Well - I didn't get much stitching accomplished while staying inside to avoid the fires - but I did manage to spend some fun quality time with our son. I also proved to be a good loser at Trouble, Sequence, Checkers, and Last Word. I did, however, kick "it" with Monopoly!! :)

I did finish my "Love" square. I am just having such a good time stitching this project! It's turning out great - and I'm seriously considering stitching one for our home after I finish this one. (The one I'm working on now will be a gift). Only 10 more squares to go!

Happy Monday!!