Friday, September 22, 2006

Merry "hris"!!

Merry "hris"!! Hee hee - this is the farthest I've gotten on my Heinzeit Christmas block. I still need to add the "C,T,M,A and S" to make this make "Christmas" sense! :)

I haven't had too much stitching time lately...but I did start my HRIS...Ian has had a bad asthma flair, so that has kept me pretty has his homeschooling. I have had time to read quite a bit though - I've managed to finish "Saturday Morning", "Truth Will Prevail", "Thy Gold to Refine", "Seasons Under Heaven", "Showers in Season", "Times and Seasons" and "A Flicker of Doubt". When I sit with him in the evenings as he coughs, it's much easier for me to read than to try and concentrate on stitching...thus - more reading than needling. We just got home from the Dr. - Ian's meds have been adjusted and he's been started on steroids - hopefully we'll all be resting much easier in the coming nights....

I'll try to post more as things calm a bit...

Happy Week-Ending!!!