Monday, January 15, 2007

A Little Bit 'O Progress

I've made a little progress on my "Come and Share" project. I've also added a design into my rotation that will be a birthday gift for my "Bloggers Birthday" person...I've made a bit of headway on this project - but not enough to post a pic yet.

Yesterday was the first "good" breathing day that Ian has had in a week. This asthma flare has been a bad one for him...hopefully, the worst is behind us!!!!! He had a lot of fun jumping back into tennis today - he can't wait to hit the courts tomorrow for his lesson...

I hope all my "Midwest" friends are safe and staying warm...I sure don't miss dealing with ice storms!!!!!!!!

I'm SO tired today - made the mistake of staying up all last night through this AM to catch the Austrailian Open (tennis) live. All of our favorite players were in the first round - so we stayed up to catch the action! was worth it though - everyone we cheer for made it through - ugh - we still have two more weeks (with matches all but 2 days) until the finals!!!
We have a license plate that says "Eat, Sleep, Tennis" - guess we're gonna have to scratch out that "sleep" part for a while! :)

Sweet Dreams..............


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stash arrived!

I received half of my stash order in today's mail. Woo-hoo!! I've had so much fun "pawing" through my new patterns, fabrics and fibers!!!

Ian had a bad asthma flair during the night, so today was a stay-at-home and feel-better day. Unfortunately, he's back on steroids for a few days...but I'm grateful that they are available to help him breathe!!!!

Because today was a stay-at-home day, I popped a pot roast in the crock pot this morning. The house has smelled yummy all day. I've also made rolls and we're having a fruit salad to go with. Anyone wanna come for dinner??? We've got plenty to share! :) :) :)

I'm posting my progress on "Come and Share". I just love the colors of this project...they'll fit in perfect with my kitchen's color scheme and theme. (blue/white/pink/yellow) and tea.
Now with my stash arriving - I want to finish this piece so that I can work on something new!!!

Hey - how 'bout them Gators?!!! Did anyone else watch the game on Monday? I was definitly in a win-win situation here. I'm from Ohio - so of course, I LOVE the Buckeyes - but now I'm absolutely in love with life in Florida - so I'm also a die-hard Gator fan!! I figured no matter the outcome - on Tuesday, I would be able to walk around and say that "my" team won! Hee hee!!!
:) :) :)

Thanks for visiting my "on-line" home!!!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

Things have FINALLY settled a wee bit around here and now we're back to just the normal "hurry and scurry".
I hope everyone had a wonderful kick-off to the New Year! Happy 2007 !!!!!!!!! I hope that it will be a year that will bring each of you many happy memories!

I took some of my birthday money and went "stashing" for XS stuff!! Whoo-hoo!!! :) I was able to hit a couple of "New Year's" sales at a couple of my favorite on-line stitching stores - always a plus!!

Here's my list of goodies:

-Bent Creek = Wedding Row
-The Sweetheart Tree = Patriotic Square and Land of the Free
-Stoney Creek = Betsy Rossbear
-Stoney Creek = Mom's Sewing Room
-Cross Country Stitching = Herbal Tea Garden
4 different fabrics
2 packs of "Perfect Needles" (I just LOVE these!!!)

I can hardly wait for the goodies to make their way into my mailbox!!!!

So -here's my list of "Gee, I hope I finish this in 2007" projects - - (I know that I probably won't finish all of my wanna-do's - but it's fun to imagine and it IS good to have goals, right??) :)

No particular order here - - - -

Finish that silly Heinzeit Christmas Block project!!
Finish another page of "Delicate Beauties"
Wedding Row
Patriotic Square
Land of the Free
ABC Tea Sampler
Mom's Sewing Room
Come and Share a Pot of Tea (old design, I know - about time I get around to stitching it!!) :)
Bosco BooBerry
Heart Blooms (Shepherds Bush)

We'll just have to see how much stitching time 2007 brings...I really do hope to finish more projects in '07 than I did in '06.

I also have a few personal goals for myself in '07 - I won't bore you with those details! (Please feel free to thank me for not sharing!!) :) :) :)

New Year Hugs,