Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finally - A finish!!! :)

Hip Hip Hooray!!! I finally finished those silly Christmas blocks!!! I have NO idea why it took me so long to get around to completing this project...but now it's been handed off to the framer (my hubby!) and I can move on!! Yippee!!
I've still been working on my "Pot of Tea" project and I've started another small patriotic design and of course, I still have "Delicate Beauties" lurking in the background. I have also realized how many Christmas gifts I need to stitch - so this summer may need to be devoted almost entirely to gift-making.

Things have finally slowed here a bit...so I hope to get back into a habit of regular blogging. Homeschool has wrapped for the summer, although Ian still wants to do history and science during his "break". Those are my favorite subjects too - so it won't seem like real "work" on my part. We also have a LONG list of good books that we want to read during the summer...I'm really looking forward to spending that precious time together with him. It's always so much fun to discuss books with him - it's great to watch his personality come out - and see how he views character's actions and situations.

It's good to be back to my blog (and especially to show a finish!!!) :)