Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pics to Share...

Let's see, by way of up-date and to explain the pics....
We took our "fur baby" to the doggie spa last Friday and treated her to "the works"!
She was bathed, deep-conditioned w/ marshmallow conditioner (hubby says she smells like an over-grown "peep" ha ha!!), her nails and teeth were also done.
She was so funny when we picked her up - she was strutting around so much, we've taken to calling her "diva doggie"!! Enjoy the pics!!

There was a kite festival held on our beach this week-end! What a sight!! It was such a perfect day!!! The sky was a brilliant blue, the ocean was turquoise and the kites were every color of the rainbow!! We had a really good time watching each of the kites take flight. The sky was filled with color - it was amazing!! I've only included a pic of one of the kites - didn't want to over-whelm you w/ ALL of the pics that we took!! :)

I have managed to fit in a wee bit of stitching time...I'm posting my progress pic on "Come and Share". I've decided with the busy schedule I've had lately, I'm going to keep working on Come and Share and on finishing the "Christmas Blocks" project = but then, I'm going to take a break from bigger projects for a while and only work on small, fast-to-finish projects. I really need to have some small projects that will travel well with me as I do my "running and waiting"!

I was planning on having a large Easter dinner and inviting friends - but Ian is playing in a tournament on Easter week-end, so we'll probably eat dinner out on Sunday evening after the matches. Not exactly "traditional" - but it will work for us. I've been assured that the "Easter Bunny" will still attempt to deliver a basket to our house - I sure hope that there will be some extra chocolates tucked in there for ME!!!!!

Gaining weight as I think chocolate, chocolate, chocolate......