Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a month!

Good grief - what a month this has been!!! Our poor little guy (Okay - so he's not "that" little anymore) has been so sick. He started three weeks ago and just kept progressively going "downhill". He woke up w/ a bad pain in his back, and since he plays so much tennis, I just assumed (bad mom guilt here!) that his pain was caused by a strain or pulled muscle in his back. The next day the pain moved to his side. I was still thinking strain...(more bad mom guilt!!) By the third day, the pain had moved to his stomach. Enough of this, we were off to the Dr. (Of course, our primary pediatrician is out of town for two weeks), so we saw another Dr. He sent our fellow for a cat scan and blood work. Bloodwork showed an infection, and blood in his urine. Cat scan showed kidney stones and a stone in the appendix. Dr. treated little one for kidney stones for two weeks. We saw no improvement - Ian was losing weight (8 pounds in two weeks), no appetite, continued pain, etc., etc., etc. We finally took him to see his own pediatrician this past week who promptly sent him to the ER. From the time we hit the ER doors until the time Ian was on the operating table was less than an hour. Ian's appendix had ruptured! Needless to say, hubby and I were basket cases. After surgery, Ian continued to run a fever of "unknown" origin. That was so frustrating!!! The Dr.'s and Nurses kept saying "he SHOULDN'T have a fever". I was listening, his Dad was listening, but Ian apparently wasn't hearing this information because it took quite a while for his temp to come down. I'm so grateful to report that he's now doing MUCH better...he's still in quite a lot of pain, still has no appetite and he's SO pale, but at least I can see him getting better little by little.
I love my little fellow so was so hard for me not to show him how afraid I was for him. The hardest thing I've ever had to do was to let go of him at "the smooching corner" - that's what the nurses call the area right outside the OR doors where you have to say goodbye before the patient heads to surgery. The surgeon was FABULOUS - I can't say enough good about this guy. He pulled a couple of strings that let us go into recovery as soon as Ian was stable enough after surgery. That was one of the most precious moments for me - even though he was all hooked up to tubes and monitors and all sorts of paraphenalia, just to be able to touch Ian's little face was so comforting and reassuring. I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and ask that you continue - we've got a good bit of recovery still ahead. He's cried buckets of tears because we have no idea when he'll be able to get back to playing for me, I just can't wait for us all to be safe and sound at home in our own beds!

(A funny side note here - at one point while Ian was recovering from anesthesia and on the versed and morphene and demerol, he woke up out of a "sound" sleep, opened his eyes REALLY wide and said "this gown makes my bum look REALLY big" and then he started laughing hysterically...then fell right back to sleep again. Is he his mother's son or what?????) lololololololololololololololol

I've been stitching a bit, more to relieve stress and place my mind elsewhere than because my heart has been in it... I'll try to share pics later this week when things settle a bit.