Thursday, October 23, 2008

Catching up - - - (again!)

Nothing much new to show - I'm about 1/3 way finished with Lizzie Kate's Winter Boxer design. I'll post a pic when it's completed.
I'm VERY happy to report that I've not needed a transfusion since my last post!! :) It feels so good to be "up and at 'em" and "cautiously optimistic" again re: my bone marrrow. Life is good!!!
Ian and I are going to be "growing a frog" for our next homeschooling project. So far, I've seen my way through an ant farm, hatching butterflies and blowing up a volcano - I'm certainly not going to let a frog get the best of me!! (Am I????) :)
Ribbit, ribbit!!!
Thanks for sharing a piece of my day,

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Getting Better Every Day!!!

After a few more "unfortunate setbacks", I'm now VERY happy to say that I'm finally up and feeling better!!! I REALLY AM!!! I think I've had enough blood transfusions the past couple of months to keep any vampire happy for a lifetime - but I'm glad that the technology exists - these transfusions have completely turned my life around! I still tire out faster than I used to (wow - does that make me sound OLD - lol), but at least I'm up, around, out and about again.
I'm even back to stitching and I have a finish to show. This little fellow is another "thank you" gift to one of my mom's neighbors. Mom has been so blessed to have the nicest neighbors and I just wanted to make a little something to say "thanks" for all they do for her. I have two more "neighbor" gifts for Mom, then I'm back to stitching for ME!!
We're also back full-speed ahead at our homeschooling. Right now, we're studying "scientific inquiry", which means LOTS of experiments! This week will be the "floating egg", "surface tension", and "what does soap do to water" experiments. Inquiring minds want to know! lol :) We're especially enjoying our current reading, "Hans Brinker". I KNOW that I read Hans when I was in school, but it's been a lot of fun re-visiting him and sharing him with Ian.
Keep blogging - I so enjoy my "visits" with each of you!
(Edited to add - the snowman piece is from a Bucilla kit called "Snow Buddy". I usually don't like kits, but I just couldn't resist this little guy!)