Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In "kneed" of encouragement....

Hi Kids -
Long time, no communication...I've been busy (for the most part anyway), having fun and enjoying summer. Up until this past week, that is....
We've had such a good time having some "free" time - the best was our celebration of July 4th. A sleepover for kids and adults which included an always-to-be-remembered water balloon fight!! (For the record, the ADULTS won!!!!) (That's my story and I'm sticking with it!!) :)
Moving on - (or should this be moving back?), about 20 years ago, (when I was VERY young!! hee hee) I had knee surgery. (Bad skiing accident). In the past couple of months, I've been experiencing more and more pain in that same knee. For the most part, I tried to ignore it other than taking an occasional tylenol. On Monday, I stepped out of bed and had agony shoot through my leg. The whole knee gave way and I honestly saw stars. I waited the pain out for a day, then limped off to the Dr. I had x-rays which didn't look promising, so I then went for an MRI. I had an appointment with a sports dr. this morning. Long story short, my knee is now bone on bone and my options for relief are narrowing. I'm no weight-bearing on crutches for the next two weeks while my knee dr. consults with my anemia dr. as to whether or not I am up for handling a knee replacement surgery. Bummer, huh? Crutches + Cast + July + Florida and all I can say is that it stinks to be me!!! :( Due to the type of surgery I had before, I'm fairly limited to what surgery can be done to give me enough mobility to ever play tennis again. Dr. says as it is, I'll probably never be back to being able to move enough to play through 3 sets - but at this point, just getting back to the court at all is a huge goal for me. (Sob, sob, sob...)
On the bright side, my hubby and my son are just such sweeties - look what they just came home with - - (along with some pretty good pain medicine!)

Pretty,aren't they? Best thing is - the flowers were my "not so little" guys' idea -that makes them even more special!

So now I have lots of time to sit and stitch (though probably not while I'm under the influence of that lovely pain medication I just mentioned) and go blog-visiting to my hearts' content.

Here's a pic of my latest "Delicate Beauties" progress - two pages down, two left to go! I sort of "hit the wall" with this project, so I've reduced it into my a one-day-a-week rotation.

I've started a project for halloween, Mosey and Me's "Bosco Booberry". Here's a progress shot of this one - -

Next up for me today is to go through my Christmas project binder and pick out some ornaments/gifts for the upcoming Holiday season. We stitchers always seem to be "stitching out of season", don't we? Golly, it's nearly time to get started on those Valentine projects, isn't it? LOL :)

Sometimes, life just stinks and apparently, somewhere along the line, I signed up for this to be one of those times for me...Well, that's it for "Stitching Confinement: Day 1" I'll keep you posted and be around to visit with you soon.

Prayers/Thoughts would be SO appreciated!!!

Limping Along....