Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Finish, A Start AND the cutest dollar bill you've ever seen!!!

Though not necessarily in that order....
First, introducing the best-looking George Washington on a dollar bill - EVER!
-not that I'm prejudiced 'cause I'm his Mama or anything... :)

See, I told you he was a cutie!!! Ian loved this halloween costume - 'course the fact that he scored a MAJOR haul of candy didn't hurt, either... :)

Now, for the finish...I humbly present, "The Angels Sang"... stitched on recommended fabric and using recommended threads...

This will be going off to spend Christmas with a dear friend of mine. "D" loves angels, so I hope that this piece will bring a blessing to her home this Christmas.

Now on to another start! I've been in love with this "Happy Home Sampler" since I first saw it in the July '08 issue of Cross Stitch and Needlework. I love samplers, so this had to go into my ever-growing "to do" pile. I'm including a pic of my progress so far, and a pic of what I hope my piece will eventually look like!

Thanks for checking out my up-date. I love your visits and sweet, sweet comments!!

Stay Happy and Well,