Friday, August 28, 2009

Merry Friends Finish

Whoo-hoo! I think this is FINALLY the year that I "get it" - Christmas is coming!! Yea I know, most folks already know that - but this year, I "get" that I need to start my Christmas stitching now and not wait until December 1st to put in the first stitch on my Christmas "wanna-do's". So, with that being said, I proudly present my first "stitched for Christmas '09" finish! :) I just love Lizzie Kate's designs - they stitch up so fast and easy!
It feels sooooo good to have one gift under my belt. Next up - Lizzie Kate's "Cold Hands". This will be my 2nd time for stitching "Cold Hands"...I had a friend put in a special request for this design, so gift #2 will be soon underway!!! :)
Thanks for taking a peek!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bosco is ready to trick-n-treat!

All-righty then... Bosco is finished!! :) This was a fun stitch - Mosey and Me has some of the cutest designs! Add the fact that there's no back-stitching and whoo-hoo, it's a wrap!!! In the original design, Bosco has "trick or treat" above his head, but hubby has an idea for framing and wanted Bosco left sans wording. I bow to his greatness!!! :)

Now, it's time to work on some Christmas stitching - here's my progress on Lizzie-Kate's "Merry Friends"...

On the knee front - - hurumph!! Dr.'s agree that my best option at this point is total knee replacement, but that would be a death nail in my tennis life...I''m having a hard time facing that option - tennis really defines us as a family and I can't imagine not being part of that. Also, my "relatively" young age creates a problem...(I'm spending $$$ on wrinkle cream and saving for botox and a facelift - but now I'm "young"???) Seems that knee replacements typically last 15- 20 years, so "technically", I would be ready for another replacement before I even hit age 65 - not a good scenario...though it would provide much-needed pain relief and much-better mobility. Plus, because of my "young" age, I would probably have a great recovery and do well. So, I feel like I'm sort of stuck right now...I'm in decision mode. The last-ditch effort I can try is to go into an up-loader brace and do synvisc injections - that might enable me to extend my tennis days a bit longer, which I see as a HUGE plus!!! Dr. says that the syncvisc amounts to putting a band-aid on a severed artery, but I'm just not ready to hang up my racket yet. :(
I always think it's better to try the conservative route first - Synvisc might be my miracle cure!!! Pray or cross your fingers for me?

Have a "not too young, not too old" kind of day!!!