Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank You!!!!

Dear Friends - -
There just aren't enough words to express how grateful I am for all of your sweet comments.  I could feel the love and hugs and thoughts that were being sent my way.
Not long after I posted my last blog entry, I got the news that my mom had been admitted to the hospital.  She was in for a week, came home for a day and then needed to be admitted again.  She's home now and hopefully on the mend.  She has good care and I'm determined that for as long as possible, she'll be able to remain in her home. I realize, however, that her health will ultimately be the deciding factor of how long she can stay "home".
This has been so tough - I feel like when I'm in Ohio that I should be home here in Florida and I feel like when I'm home here, I should be in Ohio.  Our "not-so-little" guy is just at the beginning of tennis tournament season and I love watching him play.  We have a little communication sign between us when he plays his matches...anyone old enough to remember when Carol Burnett would tug her ear to let her grandmother know that she loved her?  Ian and I have a sign just like that - not ear tugging, but a little sign we make.  He really misses that when I'm not there.  He "gets" that sometimes Grandma needs me, but it's still sad for him.  I started that little sign years ago when he was little - way before the tennis days.  I never realized just how much that meant to him.
I haven't even felt much like getting on the computer lately.  No matter what, my mom is in the back of my affects so many decisions that I am making these days.  Bless my sweetie, he is really pulling and pushing me along.  I don't know how I'd manage to slug through this without him.  He has given me much wise counsel - such as "don't borrow trouble" - tomorrow will bring what tomorrow will bring and no amount of my worrying about things will stop them.  He also reminds me that no matter what I go through - both he and God  will always be there waiting for me.  Why is it so easy for me to forget that?  
Thanks to hubby's support and love, I am slowing jumping back in to "normal".   My knee was really giving me trouble, but at this point,  I'm unable to have the replacement surgery.  My anemia is still an issue that would delay surgery and the long rehibilitation the surgery would require just wouldn't be practical if my mom would need me on short notice.  My wonderful Dr. has said that he will help me any way he can to keep me as comfortable as possible while I "wait things out".  I had an injection a few days ago and right now, my knee is holding really well.  Hubby signed us up to play in a fun mixed doubles tennis league.  I'm really looking forward to getting back on the court.  Doubles are much easier on the knee than singles.  Plus, my hubby is a GREAT tennis player!  I figure he's strong enough all by himself to carry our "team".  Okay, so  I haven't told HIM  of my "plan" yet,  but I figure his favorite meal and dessert will help to bring him on board, right?  LOL.  Ummmm yea, I'll keep you posted on how that goes....   :)

I did pick up my needle again this week.  I should have a SMALL finish to show by tomorrow.  For the past couple of weeks, I just didn't feel like stitching.  I did do a lot of reading though.  Not too many things in life are better than sitting on the beach with a good book.  I highly recommend it for cheap's worked wonders for me.  :)  Like the saying goes...location, location, location!!!

In summary, I'm making my way "back".  I know that MANY other people have come through MUCH worse situations and have blossomed and bloomed.  I can make it through this -

Again, thank you and bless all your sweet hearts for your love and caring.  I've read and treasured every comment.  You'll never truly know how much I appreciate your time and visits.