Sunday, March 28, 2010

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...."

With all apologies to Charles Dickens, this quote perfectly sums up the past couple of weeks of my life.  We were blessed to spend a week with one of the dearest people in my life.  (I was forced to promise that I wouldn't tell any embarrasing stories from his childhood on my blog, so I'll avoid that - but suffice to say, this fellow is a real sweetie to me!)
He took vacation time and escaped from the snowy west to come spend time here in sunny Florida.  Thank goodness, the weather cooperated with our plans. The week he was here was just lovely!! :)
Rather than do the crowded, "normal" tourist stuff, we decided to head a bit off the beaten path..  We wound up fishing in the ocean, (all we caught was a "kelp" fish (in otherwords, just a bunch of sea-weed).  We call sea-weed a "kelp fish" 'cause that way, it sounds like you actually caught something (even if you didn't)  :)

One of the stops we made was Gatorland.  My expectations for this place were SO low, but I have to say, we had a really fun time there.  We learned a lot about 'Gators and Crocs and nature in general.
Judging from this sign near the entrance, I was expecting a really "cheesy" day - but it was really a great way to spend a day.....

Here are some other photo's of our adventures with the Gators..............

He's just sleeping...honest! 

We also went to the National Police Hall of Fame and NASA/Kennedy Space Center and the Astronaut Hall of Fame.  We took a couple of "down days" just to relax too.  All in all - just a great week!  I'll post more pics of our various trips/tours later.  I don't want to bore you with ALL my wacky pics on one post!:)

Now for the worst of times part....I MISS HIM!!!!!  I spent all this past week moping and being sad cause I miss all the extra laughter and extra hugs.  I'm feeling better now and getting my groove back - stitching really is good therapy!  (Not to mention my sweet hubby and sweet son who are giving me extra loves!!)

This is a piece that I'm working on for my mom.  This is SOOO not my style - but she asked me to stitch something for her that was small, blue, spring-like and flowery.  I found this design and think it fit her request nicely.  I'll be glad when it's finished and can start on something that's more "me" - but I feel priviledged to
stitch for my Mom.

This is "Blue Posey" from Jeanette Crews "Hydrangeas" book.

Thanks so much for all your visits and kind words...ya'all are just the sweetest bunch of bloggers anywhere!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Happy Dancin' (and a doggie too)

Can you believe that this is the "best" pic that I could get of this finish?  It's bright and sunny here today, so I should have been able to  get my camera to cooperate, (maybe it's the cold!) but no such luck...(the cherries really are red - you'll just have to trust me on this one!)    Anyway, this is "Home of a Needleworker Too" by Little House Needleworks.  I used the sampler threads that were called for, except I substituted "Blueberry Tart" for the "Old Blue Jeans" that was suggested.  For some reason, I had 4 skeins of "Blueberry" and no skeins of the "Blue Jeans", so I decided to "economize" and just use what I already had. 

Btw, when I say cold, I mean COLD!!  Can you believe that here in Florida, we've had wind chills in the 30's?????  I feel sorry for the folks that chose this week to visit Disney World and that are here for Bike Week in Daytona Beach...definitely not having much "fun in the sun" here in the "Sunshine State".

Oh, and since she was being such a little snoop and just HAD to nose- in while I was trying to take my finish picture, may I present an up-close and WAY too personal shot of Tea-Tsu. 

Can I just tell you how much we love this face???? 

Thanks again for your visits - they're much appreciated!!!