Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The posies have bloomed! :)

I have a finish!!  (Blue Posey by Jeanette Crews "Hydrangia Leaflet".)  (Yes, I know that there's a "yellow" posey in the "blue posey" project - I'm not sure about that one either - LOL)  I completed this project for my mom - it will be part of her Mother's Day gifties.  I actually enjoyed this piece  much more than I thought I would.  Mom has been having a hard time medically lately, so I'm hoping this might cheer her up a little.

Thanks so much for all the great comments about our Gatorland pics.  It was really fun to find some off-beat places for us to visit...I have a whole new list for next year's visit from our buddy! 
(For those who would be interested, Gatorland is located in Orlando, near I-4 and Orange Blossom Trail.  It's about 15 minutes from downtown Disney. For four of us, after discount coupon, we only paid $24 total!  When have you ever gone anywhere as a family in Orlando for $24???) 

This is my next project..."Comfort and Rest" by 4 My Boys.  This is a fun stitch...can't wait to hang this one in our house - I have just the wall that needs a piece of needlework.  Hey, wait...don't ALL walls NEED a piece of needlework?????    :)     I've played with trying to lighten this pic, but so far, no luck.  I'd rather spend my time stitching than fussing over "cleaning up" pics, so this is the best I could do...

The space shuttle landed here this morning. Everytime I watch a launch and a landing, I'm just amazed. Just another of the "cool beans" perks of living in "paradise". :) Yes, you can remind me I said that when we're facing our next hurricane! :)

Here's a question that I'm sure that's been asked before - but....if I'm a stay-at-home mom, why am I hardly ever "at HOME"???   Seems these past couple of weeks have been go, go, go.  After our homeschool time is finished, Ian has lots of fun activities and I'm happy he's so involved - he definitely inherited his mom's "social butterfly" tendencies!  :)  
 Last Friday night, he had a scavenger hunt at the mall with his teen group.  He had a blast - and we had fun chaperoning.  He's also starting to think that not all girls are quite as gross as he used to think they were... my not-so-little guy is growing up.  :)

As ever, I'm so inspired by your blogs.  Thanks for visiting - your thoughts are so appreciated!!  :)