Friday, May 21, 2010

Accepting Reality...

Dear Friends -
I can't even begin to thank you enough for the wonderful hugs and thoughts that you've sent my way during this tough path in my life.  You are so precious to me - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
We arrived home from Ohio late last night and we're just starting to de-compress all that is happening.
The past couple of weeks have been draining and difficult and heart-breaking.  God has walked with us every step of the way.  I have prayed at times, minute-to-minute...gut-wrenching, driven to my knees, pleading prayers.  I haven't always received the answer I would have chosen - but God has held me while I've had to deal with the answers I've been given.
I left here knowing that my mom was facing tough medical issues, but I was totally un-prepared for what really awaited me.  Lately, when I had talked to my mom, I had noticed her "wandering" during some of our conversations and several weird, "off-the-wall" comments here and there...but things were SO much worse than what I imagined.  My mom does have kidney and liver problems and symptoms of congestive heart failure...but in the past three weeks, her mental faculties have declined with lightening speed.
My beloved dad passed away due to alzhimers-related issues.  (He died due to a stroke and pneumonia, but suffered most from the alzheimers.)  I can't believe I'm losng another parent due to brain disease.  has passed . .  Most hurtful, I think, is that my mom's brain-issue has caused not only memory problems, but is also causing rage outbursts.  When I would bring mom her medicine, she would scream that she had already taken her medicine and that I was trying to over-medicate her and hurt her or I would catch her trying to take her medicine (not rememberng that she had already taken it) and she'd accuse me of depriving her of medicine she needed to stay alive.  Everyday we were there, mom would erupt in horrible fits of rage...about everything from the tv remote, to clean sheets on her bed, what I fixed to eat, my sweetie's shirt, Ian's reading a book, etc.  We never knew when she would "flip".  It broke my heart.   She would have quite a few lucid moments and would be kind - but then she'd "dissapear" again.  She has become compulsive about cleaning everything...I would clean her house spotless...and then she'd scream for me to clean up her house...every cupboard, drawer, bottle and spot.  She'd get so adjtated and I couldn't calm her. 
We finally decided to get the best care we could for her - it's all we can do.  This has upset Ian's heart to see his Grandma like this - and he needs to have as normal a life as possible through all of this. We're trying to use this as a teaching moment for him - to have a servan'ts heart.  He's far exceeded my expectations for the most part.  He does get angry that this happened and we let him know that that's just fine.  We're angry at times too.   Bless his heart, there's just no getting around that this is difficult.   We're going to be floating between Florida and Ohio as often as possible and try and make the best of this situation.  (Sure wish my mom and dad had headed south like other retirees!  Why did they have to do the northern thing??  LOL)  It could go on for a while or it could be over in an instant.  The doctors seem to think it will be the latter, but only God knows the number of our days.
I have been blessed beyond measure with my amazing husband.  He has endured so many of my tears and so much of my mom's wrath the past two weeks and has been a champion for our family.  He's has been  everything we need and more.  I'm so grateful for he and Ian and all that they do to make sure that I'm okay and always find ways to make me smile and laugh.  Even in the midst of the pain, God has sent  angels to comfort me...
With all that said, it's good to be home.  I think this week-end, I will hold on to the phrase - "my needle and thread comforteth me" and do some stitching therapy.  We're also planning on sitting on the beach all day tomorrow...nothing like sun and surf to comfort a soul.
Again, your kind words have been so treasured...

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sorrow, a finish and a work in progress...

This is a sign that sits near my stitching chair.  Usually, it make me, it has much more meaning.
We've received word that my mom is really not doing well.  Her Dr. has said that there's nothing more that they can do.  We don't if she has weeks or months, but the news isn't good.
We're heading to Ohio tomorrow....I'm bracing and praying for what lies ahead. but I guess you can never truly prepare yourself for situations like this.  I haven't told her that we're coming, so I'm hoping the suprise visit will cheer her up.  Prayers for my mom and for our safe travel would be greatly appreciated.

I do have a finish to show:  This is "Comfort and Rest" by 4 My Boys.  This will now be handed over to my Sweetie so he can work his framing magic.

I've also started pouring myself back into my "older than dirt" WIP.  "Delicate Beauties" has come back into my heart.  This is a confetti-type design that requires a lot of attention.  It's been healthy for me to have something that let's me dive in and stitch and forget my troubles for a whle.  I'm determined that eventually at some point, this piece WILL be hanging on the wall in our study.

I'm also going to start a smaller take-along design that I can grab and go.  I'm leaning towards Family Threads by My Big Toe designs.

As always, I appreciate your lovely comments and support.