Saturday, April 30, 2011

While we're waiting.... (TUSAL-May)

While we're waiting for final arrangements to be made and getting our flights, hotel,and car plans set in stone, I thought I'd post my TUSAL for this month.  Due to my eyes, not much stitching has been happeneing around here - but I humbly submit my pitiful pic.

We're still reeling a bit after the news of our loss, but we're coping as best we can.  We've decided that other than our smart phones, we aren't going to bother taking anything else computer-related.  We're going to un-plug for a few days and just be in the moments.  Since the funeral will be in a city full of history, we've decided to take a couple of extra days to sight-see.  We're trying to make lemonade from the lemons.  (This DOES NOT mean that I won't be taking my stitching along, however!)  My stitching follows me everywhere.  (Ugly reading glasses and all!!)  :)

I "cherish" this precious time that I have to spend with family.


Friday, April 29, 2011

We'll miss you, Auntie Friedie.....

My hubby's sister passed away VERY suddenly today from a heart attack. We had just spoken with her a couple of days ago and she sounded just fine. This is such a shock to our family. We're trying to be happy for her and realize that this is her "birthday into heaven", but it's still a little tough on those of us left "behind".

We truly never know when we or those will love will be "called home". Hug those family members and friends tight and let them know how much they're loved. We'll be heading north to the funeral next week. I'll up-date when we return. 

(Btw, thanks for all the sweet well-wishes for my eyes - they're getting better with time and patience....LOTS of patience)   :)

I "cherish" the memories of "Fredrecia" - she'll always be Friedie to me...


Monday, April 04, 2011

With apologies to Jackson Browne.....

I know, you're all too young to remember the song, "Doctor My Eyes" by Jackson Browne.  Maybe you've heard it on an "oldies" station??  Anyway - my right eye has been REALLY bothering me for the past couple of weeks.  I finally went to visit an Opthomologist (who just happens to be one of our dearest friends!) and said "Doctor, my eyes.....".  Apparently, partially due to the anemia issues that I have (and because I'm so darn near-sighted), my retina is having an issue right now.  So, in the interest of allowing my eye to heal, I'm on MAJOR restrictions.  I'm not supposed to  bend over, reach for anything, carry anything, read, stitch, compute (I did get a "pass" to check my e-mails once a day as long as I have them on a "GIGANTIC" font - whoo-hoo!) or even walk very much! 
I can watch TV (as long as I sit pretty far away)...I'm burning through the Netflix instant views like crazy! 
I can also whine about my circumstances...(and I've found that I'm very good at that!!)  :(
I'm trying to stick with my theme of "cherish" and I am cherishing the fact that I still do have my sight, that I just bought a new pair of glasses about three weeks ago, (so, they'll still be stylish for about four more minutes until the new "style" changes), also, for our AWESOME Dr. friend who loves my eyes almost as much as I do and for my family who takes such good care of me.

Hopefully, I'll be back to "normal" in about 10 more days.  Okay, let me re-phrase that, hopefully, my eyes will be back to normal in about 10 days.  I don't think there's any hope at all that the "rest of me" will ever be "normal".  LOL

In the meantime, I'll be swinging back and forth from whining to cherishing....

"See" you soon!!!


TUSAL - April

This is my ort jar for April.  There's not been a lot of "orting" (is that a word?) this month.  We had a wonderful two week "spring break" and I was having too much fun to stitch!  I'm hoping that "someday", I'll "outgrow" this jar because it will be brimming over with orts, but in the meantime, I offer up my pathetic little offering for this month.