Monday, March 12, 2012

WIPocalypse - March

This is about all I've accomplished so far this month on the stitching front.  With all that's been happening with my mom and Ian this past month, I just couldn't concentrate.  I would flit from project to project and made more mistakes than forward progress, so I took a little break.  Having said that, I just found out that "THERE'S GOING TO BE A WEDDIN'" in our family!!!  I'm just tickled with this marriage, so it makes it extra-fun to stitch the sampler!  This is a simple design, but I'm trying to "jazz" it up a bit by using specialty threads and I'm going to try to use some mill hill beads all around the border.  The sweet couple is getting hitched in June, but they're going to visiting with us in May, so I'm hoping to gift them with the finished and framed piece by the time they get here.  It feels so good to have something to celebrate and stitching for it is definitely bringing back the stitching mojo - it all goes into the "good" column!  :)

I *cherish* having a wedding to celebrate and stitch for!


Lookie, Lookie!!!

Can you believe these beauties???  Sweet, sweet Becky kindly sent me this pretty gift!  I was so stunned when I opened the package.  I was feeling so down about Ian, my uncle's passing and about some pretty nasty issues that were happening with my mom, and this came along and completely brightened my day!  You can believe this is going to have a spot of honor in our home.  I am just so grateful for her random act of kindness that made a huge difference in my little world.  I couldn't wait to share!  Enjoy!  :)

I *cherish* the kindness of others'.