Thursday, February 16, 2012

Missing Uncle Hugh - - -

My Great Uncle Hugh passed away today.  Goodness, but I'll miss him!  My Uncle Hugh and my dad were absolute best buds.  (Strange, because my Uncle Hugh is from my mom's side and is from my dad's side).  My Uncle Hugh and my dad were quite the pair.  Every fall, my mom and dad and my Aunt Wilda and Uncle Hugh would take a vacation to Myrtle Beach.  While the "woman folk shopped and spent all their money", my dad and Uncle would go buy wooden train whistles, set up their beach chairs right by the ocean and blow their train whistles every time a pretty girl would walk by.  Of course, my dad and uncle said that they were always such "gentlemen" that they would blow their train whistles at EVERY female that walked past them.  (Now, you have to realize that they were both well into their 80's when then they were "acting up" AND did I mention that they would purposely wear big, floppy straw hats, bermuda shorts, black socks and sandals while they were doing this???)  I told you they were a pair!

When my dad passed away, my Uncle Hugh came up to me and told me that he could never, ever take my dad's place, but that if I ever needed someone to fill a small part of my dad's shadow, he'd be honored to take that spot. Oh how I miss that gentle fellow who did a wonderful job of "shadow filling".

I'm sure that my dad and Uncle Hugh are having a great time together in heaven - blowing their train whistles with the angels...(or knowing them, AT the angels!!)  :)

I miss you, sweet man!

I "cherish" having such a wonderful Uncle to call my own.


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My "Vision" - Valentine's style

I don't know if you remember my "vision" craft project that involved my lighted twigs.  (I had this "vision" around Christmas-time.)  I bought the vase, filled it with sand, found just the twigs I wanted and away my mind went on ways to decorate for the holidays.  As I've said before, we have a round "rotunda" entry into our home and it is the darndest thing to decorate round walls.  Thus, the "vision" for my vase of twigs.  This is what I came up with for February.  Ian thinks this is about the goofiest thing he's ever seen (but hey, he's a teen-age boy - I'll cut him a wee bit of slack for not capturing the "lovliness" that is more in my head than in this vase.  LOL

Anyway, I like my lighted twigs and thought I'd share!

I "cherish" having a home to decorate.  (even if it does sometime look "goofy" to "someone")  :)


(PS - Thanks again for keeping Ian in your thoughts and prayers.  This waiting is so difficult....I understand and appreciate the patience of the Dr.'s who are working hard to make sure everything is just right, but it's so hard for a mama (and a daddy too, for that matter) to have to wait for all the medical decisions to be made.)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

WIPocalypse - February

Since my "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf disaster (I 'm afraid of him, btw), I decided to pull out something quick, cute, springy and meaningful.  (That's an awful lot to expect from a little design, don't you think?)
I pulled out and stitched up this  "Honey Bunny" project.  I've watched my hubby go into "daddy" mode during this scare with Ian.  (He even bought Ian his own ceramic wolf for his room - kinda makes me feel better about my epic wolf -stitching master disaster).  My sweetie has called me "honey bunny" for as long as I can remember and I can't think of anything better than stitching a piece that reminds me so much of him.
I loved this happy stitch and participating in the WIPocaplypse!

I "cherish" a quick-to-stitch that is so personal and puts a smile on my face!


Monday, February 06, 2012

The Wolf Meets the Frog....guess who wins?

Again, many thanks for all the lovely thoughts and prayers that are being sent Ian's way.  Right now, we're sort of in a holding pattern while we wait for him to gain weight and get stronger so that he'll be able to endure the surgery that is ahead of him.

I think the fact that I know how sick he "might or might not be", makes it harder to admit that I had a visit from the frogs this week-end.  While stitching the wolf for Ian (remember Cyclops?) , I made some HUGE boo-boo's that at this point, I'm not even sure are "fixable".  I'm so sad and frustrated with this piece, I've set it aside for the time-being.  I have seen a couple of other nice wolf designs, so I may just have to pull myself up and dust myself off, wave "buh-bye" to Cyclops and start an entirely different wolf piece.  I'm really bummed about it, but I think my mind has just been so occupied by the other, more important "stuff" of our lives lately, that it might be best just to stick to easier pieces for this period of time.  Once Ian is all better and back to being his healthier self, and some "mom issues" have been resolved, I'll start back on the more involved pieces.  The mighty wolf falls to the lowly frog.......

"I fought the frog and the frog won".........Bummer!     :(

I "cherish" the gift of stitching and having the luxury of "picking and choosing" what designs call my name in different seasons of life....