Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm a work in progres....

As you may have noticed, I have taken a LONG break from blogging.  The events of this year have just taken their toll and I've needed time to refresh and renew.  As my sweet, not-so-little son has pointed out, this entire year has been post-traumatic-stress-disorder waiting to happen.  Dealing with the not-so-little son's serious medical issues this year were heart-wrenching and over-whelming.  Also, my mom's issues have become an every day issue to deal with.  I get a call from her nursing home almost daily - sometimes upwards of three calls a day due to her "behavioral problems"...  Some days I just feel like the gerbil on the wheel running and running and running and I can't get off.  Mom has advanced dementia...part of the problem is....that she doesn't think she has any dementia.  She's become combative and nasty and hard to handle.  I bless the name's of the folks who care for her. It's so hard to explain...she's my mom....but just the shell "body" of my mom remains.  :(

We also lost my wonderful Uncle Hugh this year.  Oh, how I miss that sweet man.  Somehow, his passing felt like I was losing my last connection to my Dad that I loved so much.  :(    In addition to his loss, I lost two friends in the same week this fall.  Both were friends from school.... and seemingly fairly "young".   One was lost to a heart attack, another to a stroke... such a painful reminder that life is all to quick and fleeting.

Let's see, to add to the poor hubby broke his arm while playing tennis.  (Hey, if ya gotta break your arm, go down swinging!!!)  We were playing against each other and I made a BRILLIANT backhand.  (I'm writing this story,  I can tell it exactly the way that "I" remember it.  LOL)  Hubby went to chase the shot and ran so fast that his feet ran out from under him.  He broke the fall with his arm and wound up breaking the arm with his fall.  (Love that last sentence?????)  

Hubby has also had an absessed tooth and Ian had a cut on his arm get infected in the past month.  Sheesh! 

In the midst of all this, I lost my stitching mojo somewhere along the way.  I also lost my yahoo groups mojo.  I love the groups I belong to...I just haven't felt much like keeping up.  I did manage to get the wedding piece I was working on finished.  (though not time to iron it yet.)

All that to say....this Christmas, we're "Keeping it Real" at our house.  We're all tired and worn down.  So, we've decorated "Christmas" light" this year.  Our tree is up, and of course, the singing Frosty, the singing Mice and the Dancing Santa are out.  (We have a thing for loud, obnoxious sounds at Christmas!)  :)
We have a wreath on our door and candles burning around the house.  But that's it for this year.  This year, we're going to be the people who go to other people's parties.  Hopefully next year, we'll be back to being the people who GIVE the parties!
Usually, we decorate by the "if it isn't moving, cover it with little twinkling lights" method.  But this year, we're concentrating more about WHY we celebrate Christmas and less about HOW we choose to celebrate.

Be blessed, dear friends...

I "cherish" simplicity.