Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Dancing in the Dark

Whew, the last couple of weeks have certainly been a challenge.  Due to some issues with my mama, we've been informed that she is no longer welcome at the nursing facility that she has been residing in.  Due to those issues (and some that mom has displayed in the past), it's proving VERY difficult to find a place that will accept her.  So far, we're on 39 turn-downs and counting.  We have just been worn out and worn down.  We've finally hired an attorney to help us navigate the challenges, so hopefully, we'll soon be headed in the right direction on the right road.

I have had very little time for "daytime" stitching, but when worry creeps in during the quiet, night hours...when no one is stirring but me...I  turned to my stitching for a familiar rhythm and peace.
The comfort of that is that I have a finish!!!!    :)

What better piece to stitch on during these challenging days than "Hope"?  Sad that it took me so long to finish a piece that is only 61 x 61, but I'm really happy with this little piece.  I'm trying to decide if this lil cutie will become a pillow or an ornament.  In the meantime, it gets to reside in my empty "finishes" drawer.  I've also pulled out my forever WIP, "Delicate Beauties" by Paula Vaughn.  I've made a wee bit of progress....but still so many stitches to go.  But, every stitch is a good stitch, so progress is being made.

I promised a chart give-a-way a couple of weeks back...clearing out my stash very slowly.  Here are pics of the three charts that I'm giving away to new homes.

Chart #1

Chart #2

All charts have been gently used.  If you'd like an opportunity to "win" any of these charts, please leave a comment and let me know which of the patterns you'd enjoy.  Please feel free to ask to be entered for all three charts if you'd like.  Winners will be announced Monday, May 6th.  As stash clean-out proceeds at a molasses in winter speed, I will have more charts to give away.  I'm starting to get real about stash I love, stash I've already stitched  and stash "what was I thinking?"  LOL

In and amongst all the gory mess lately, my sister and I have traded each a couple of days off.  It just got to be too much on both of us day-after-day-after-day.  So, I have some pretty neat pictures of the Flower Show at Epcot (Disney) in an upcoming post.  (My uber- lucky sister is taking her days off this week in Bermuda!)  :)

I'm trying to fuddle my way through these challenging times with grace, but lately I feel that I have failed "grace" miserably.  I'm trying...falling, failing and getting up again, not necessarily gracefully, but always trying to be more grace-full.
I always have much to be grateful for....even those middle of the night happy dances in the dark!  :)

Hugs and Grace,

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Drumroll, Please....

The winner of the first Seaside Stitcher give-a-away is Calamity Jr.  As you can see, my first give-a-way was a humble one,  but I hope Calamity enjoys some of the same things that I like.  Included are a "chunky pen" (I always lose the Bic Stick ones), cupcake liners that say "time for tea" (Luv me some tea and cupcakes!), a couple of fun spring "bath bombs" shaped like tulips (I LOVE tulips!), some lip balms and hand cream that I always  have tucked  in my tennis bag, a cute lil flower tote and representing my love of Florida:  Key Lime Cookies (Yum-O!),  a travel cup and a hat w/ a flip flop design.

I had fun picking out these things - I think give-a-ways will be a much more frequent occurrence on this here lil blog!  :)

Next week, I'm going to be giving away three patterns from my stash.  Stay tuned!

Thanks to all who entered -

Hugs and Grace,

Monday, April 01, 2013

Let's Have a Give-A-Way!

I hope you each had a lovely Easter!  We were very blessed:   We enjoyed  lovely spring weather - we had a wonderful dinner - the "Easter Flamingo" paid us a visit, (since we've moved to Florida, there have been no more visits from the "Easter Bunny", the "Easter Flamingo" leaves treats - lol), we talked about the REAL meaning of "Easter" - we were together -  it was a wonderful day!

I'm in the mood for a give-a-way.  How 'bout you?   Please note: there is NO stitching nor anything stitching-related in this give-a-way.  This is a simple give-a-way....just some of my favorite things that I love.  (I love, love, love stitching but that will be a give-a-way for another time).  :)

Let me say right up-front that I LOVE my husband and my sons.  I am NOT giving them away.  :)  I also love my phone and my IPad.  I'm not giving them away either.  This is more of a "I love baths, I love tea, I love Florida" give-a-way.  It's very simple....but I hope one of you will enjoy my little "gathering of goodies".

No rules to enter.  Just leave a comment on this post stating that you'd like your name thrown in the hat.  (Hmmm....hat....that "might" be a clue about one of the things in my goodie box)  :)
The winner will be announced on Saturday.  Good luck!

Hugs and Grace,