Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Iced Tea Finish

Okay, so it's not a BIG finish...but it IS a finish! (And BTW, please try not to notice how LONG it took me to do the "not a BIG' finish!) :(
This was a fun stitch - life just keeps getting in the way of my stitching times. I wouldn't have it any other way though...'cause life, in addition to sometimes causing trouble, also carries with it the bonus of unexpected hugs from loved ones, time spent talking about important "nothings" with friends, and a lot of times, life includes good food! :)
Anyway, this little fellow will go (all together now - ya'all know the answer to this one!) - into my tea-themed kitchen. There's a spot on my kitchen island that just cries out for a snowman in a teacup. :)
Now, I'm going to treat myself and start something new AND pull out my long-standing (or is that long-suffering?) UFO, "Delicate Beauties". I'll post my new project and my latest DB pic later.
Thanks for all the lovely visits and comments. I appreciate each of you visiting!

"Iced Tea" by Midnight Stitching
28 ct. hand dyed fabric - "Sky"
Specialty Threads as called for in design (including that always dreaded Kreinik metallic)


AFwife99 said...

I love him, he is so cute! I am also an avid tea enthusiast. Great pattern.


Dawn said...

He's adorable! Great stitching.:)

Jen said...

He is really great. Hope the invite to the UFO blog arrived.

Shelleen said...

your snowman is really cute

Barbara said...

I've so enjoyed browsing through your blog and seeing all the lovely stitching you've done. Your hubby does wonderful framing for you. Love all the Florida pics - yes, you really do live in a beautiful area of the country. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving such nice compliments about my Castles in the Air BAP.
Barb in TX

Lee said...

That's just cute as can be!

Nancy said...

Very cute. And it only took you a couple weeks to do the cup part!

Chiloe said...

Nice finish !!! SO what's next?

Cindy F. said...

How cute!!