Thursday, April 24, 2014

I should have tried this years ago!

So, whoo-hoo, it's almost the end of April and I still haven't spent a single cent on anything needlework related.  I'm participating in the "Stitch from Stash"challenge this year and so far, so good!
For heaven's sake, I haven't even been spending any of the monthly allowed allotment! 
I have been really focused on finishing my wolf wip and on my "Sheep Virtue" as my take-along.
I can honestly say that I have immensely enjoyed seeing all the goodies that ya'all are stitching on and that I love being "enabled", but this challenge has shown me that I don't "need" to own/or stitch every wonderful project that I see.  It's okay that I can just love your projects from afar!
 I will say that I have some pretty groovy "wanna buys" on my list for my "reward" of finishing the wolf, so stay tuned.  I figure I'll have the wolf done in about 77 years or somewhere thereabouts, so the new stash will be coming...eventually.!   :)

Hugs and Grace,


Frances N said...

You have great willpower with your Stitch from Stash! I'm trying to do some of that myself, although I don't always do such a good job! Your wolf is going to be lovely!

Meari said...

Congrats on another month of no spending. :) I'm betting you'll have that wolf done in the next couple of months.

cucki said...

Congrats dear x

blue star stitcher said...

Ah the money you must be saving. It is harder for me not buying projects I see on other stitcher's blogs vs. not buying projects I see at my LNS or online shops.

Faith... said...

Congrats on your great SFS report!