Saturday, July 19, 2014

White Fang*...(aka Wolf Update) & My Mid-life Stitching Crisis


   (*thanks to MiiStitch for suggesting "White Fang")    :)

This is the latest and greatest wolf up-date.  I am enjoying watching the wolf and his buddies come to life.  This is from a kit (and generally, I'm not much of a kit kind-of-girl).  I'm learning all over again why I'm not a kit fan.  One of the floss colors used with the "sky" in this design is a VERY, VERY, VERY pale blue.  (Did I mention how pale the blue was?)  So pale, in fact...that it is hardly even noticeable in the design.  I didn't notice how un-noticeable it was until I stepped away to look at it.  In hindsight,  I wish I would've picked up on this sooner.  I would've subbed my own choice of a pale blue thread that would've been seen, but subtle.  I still love the project and look forward to stitching it every chance I get.   I have one page completely finished at this point and a good start on the other pages.  There's still much stitching to go until I finish, but I'm plugging along and happy with it.    :)

So, I've hit what I call my "mid-life crisis" stitching-wise.  (And thank you to my "precious" husband for pointing out that I'm only of a "mid-life" age if I intend on living 100+ years.  He thinks I'm just a wee bit past "mid-life")  *Bless his heart*...those of you in the south know that *bless his heart* has multiple meanings....LOL.

Anyway,  I have found that with age comes wrinkles, flabby arms (when the heck did those set in???)
and reading glasses.  For me, it also has changed a lot of my tastes in what I choose to stitch.  I find that these days, I'm enjoying crawling out of my stitching "comfort zone" and trying new things.
I seem drawn to bigger projects (think samplers) and anything with a Quaker theme.  I've found Rosewood Manner, Blackbird Designs, Chatelaines and the Scarlet Thread to be appealing to me now.  I still find Country Cottage, Little House, Lizzie Kate and a couple other "new to me" designers  to be fun and delightful, (and I will stitch them with joy for my "on the go" projects, But for some reason, my taste is changing.  I'm even determined to tackle a HAED project someday.  Once the wolf is finished and my "Dark Side...Cookies" project for another son is finished, I'm going to see where this new direction in stitching takes me.   (Oh and I intend to work on these flabby arms too!)  

Have your tastes in stitching projects changed as you've, ahem... "aged?"    :)

Hugs and Grace,


Barb said...

That wolf gets more amazing with each post. I think it is normal to change as you go. I decorate my home very differently than I did years ago.

cucki said...

Wow wolf is looking so lovely xx

Mii Stitch said...

Your wip is really looking good :)
I find my tastes change a bit too. Before I would have never ever looked at sampler and quaker... and now I have the pink sparrow sampler in my stash, I can't wait to start it :)

Claudette497 said...

Like a fine wine, my tastes have grown fuller and richer over time - My tastes have definitely expanded to include new types of stitching, praise be! The only options are change or stagnate, and who wants to be stagnant? DH needs to know that you weren't fully alive until you married him, so "mid-life" is still a ways off, bless his heart indeed!

Natasha said...

I am loving your progress on the WOLF project it sure is stunning, though I could see your frustration with the floss color.

Ha! "Bless his heart" I moved to SC two years ago from California and anytime someone says that to me or I heard it said I tried to pick apart why they said it LOL

I belive wrinkles are a sign of a happy and good life as far as flabby arms umm yeah lets not talk about those LOL

I sure hope your weekend is fantastic!

mainelystitching said...

My stitching tastes have changed over the 25 or so years that I've been stitching ... but I do wish I'd held on to some of the designs that I sold or gave away when I thought that my tastes had changed "forever". I've bought back patterns for much more than I sold them for, LOL!!

Karen said...

You are making great progress! I realized in the past few years I am on the down side of stitching time left so I need to make the most of it. Just because I love something doesn't mean I have to stitch it if I don't have some place to hang it or gift. Got to be picky at this stage of the game.

happy stitching....

Brigitte said...

Oh my, this wolf picture is just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more of it.

I don't know if my tastes have changed a lot, I'd rather go with Claudette and say that they have expanded. I still love a lot of designs and designers that I loved at the beginning of my stitching career. But now that I'm retired I tend to stitch more of these really big projects. And I enjoy them so much.