Monday, March 28, 2011

Being a Tourist in Your Own State

Isn't it sad that sometimes we don't even know what treasures our own states hold until we have visitors?  We are always on the look-out for the "off-the-beaten path" places to visit when we have company.  Living in Florida, it can get pretty old to do the Disney, Universal, Sea-World,  "lather, rinse, repeat" cycle, so it's fun to find some "new to us" things to do.

What follows are some pics of one of the fun places we found to visit during our "special someone's" visit.  (There will be more to come sprinkled in with future stitching and what-not posts, as well.)  I wasn't born or raised here, but we learn more and more that we  live in an amazing state.  I *heart* Florida!!!  :)     (PS - the weather is pretty darn awesome most of the year, too!!)  :)

One of our first stops was  Wonderworks was a fantasic place in Orlando that was REALLY lots of fun!!  I highly recommend it as a place to go as a "break" from the "go, go, go" of Disney.  This is one of those places where adults can have just as much fun as the kids.

  The premise of this place is that it was picked up (I think by a "supposed" wild weather event and then placed "upside down".  In other words, the basement is the upper floor and the third floor is on the bottom floor.  (Yup, I had to ask directions "more" than once!  LOL   There were lots of exhibits here - you learned about cold water (hypothermia  killed most of the Titanic victims);  you place your hand in a bucket of water that is the same temperature of the water the Titanic sank in, and a clock counts down how long you keep your hand immersed.  I lost by ONE second!!!!!  (My snarky 15-yr old was determined not to let me beat him!)  You can also experience what it feels like to be in a hurricane, an earthquake, throw pitches to some of baseball's greatest, play with monster bubbles, lay on a bed of nails (you have a lot of control over this exhibit), "land" a space shuttle, go on a 4-d roller coaster, a really cool rope climbing adventure (I had to sit that one out due to my knee, but the guys said it was really fun!), do a virtual reality game, see yourself as an astonaut and with a "floating head" AND play laser tag on one of the world's largest laser tag courses!  (BTW - please note....out of the eight people in our group, I kicked MAJOR "sit-upon" at laser tag!!!!!  Got the highest score, I did!!!)  :)

        Ian's "floating" head

"Ace" looking like a bug-head playing one of the Virtual Reality Games

As a disclaimer, I don't work for nor do I know anyone who works for Wonderworks.  (If I would have, I would've know how to score discount tickets - LOL).   They do offer AAA and AARP discounts.

These pics bring back silly, happy moments.  Thanks for letting me share.

Cherish your memories,



Karen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I had a look at your finishes and you have some cute stuff!!!!

Hubby & I were just looking at some places in Florida...trying to figure out vacation this year.

happy stitching....

Meari said...

That sounds like a FUN place!