Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Same Airport, Different Emotions....

Don't worry, there are LOTS of Florida tourism pictures that are heading this way in the next few days, but first, let's get one of my musings out of the way, shall we?

Have you ever noticed how ONE airport can have TWO entirely different emotions?  When our "special someone" was winging his way across the country for a visit with us a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't get to the airport fast enough.  It only takes us about an hour to get to the airport from our home, but I swear, getting to the airport to "pick up" seemed to take MUCH longer.  When we got there, I checked the arrival board about every two seconds, waiting for that "at gate" sign to show itself.  The joy and anticipation of hugs was over-whelming.  Tears shed were the 'happy" kind.

Fast forward through two absolutely wonderful weeks (minus one or two tourism "turkey's".  Hey, every state has 'em!)  Same route to the airport...but this time, the trip seemed to take only minutes.  I was trying so hard to cling to every last second.  This time I was staring at the departure board and dreading every minute that ticked by.

Those last final hugs were gut-wrenching and this time the tears were definitely not the joyful kind.  If you happened to be at the Orlando airport on Saturday, I was the lady who was holding on probably a little too tightly and soaking in tears. I was, however, appropraitely attired in black; that wasn't intentional on my part at all.  In fact, it kind of gave me a giggle when I got home and realized how I was dressed for "mourning")  I'm sorry if I happened to be your first impression of Florida - generally speaking, we're mostly a happy bunch!

The tears have stopped and looking at the pictures and remembering the fun memories has begun.  Lots of pics will be posted here in the coming days and weeks.  As my dad  always used to say, here's one to whet your whistle....(what's Florida without a plastic pink flamingo?) 

Cherish every moment,


Lili said...

Nice picture :)
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Meari said...

I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your visit! Now... who's this "special someone"? :)

Margaret said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

Your doggie is so sweet and must be a wonderful stitching companion.

What a great prize to win - lucky you!!

Margaret said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Isn't it hard to say goodbye? Sounds like you had a wonderful visit though. I'm so glad.