Monday, March 24, 2014

No stitching, No stash

I'm very happy to say that this month I didn't spend a single cent on stash.  Now, if you would ask me if I had spent "more than a single cent" on my little baby-love Jackson,  I would be a hot mess.  Lol.
Because of  our wonderful visit, I've had neither time for stitching nor stashing.  I have lots and Lots and LOTS of pictures to post soon.  Now that my favorite little family is back at their home safe and sound, I have a bit more time to stitch.  I'll have an up-date pic on that as well.  In addition, our own not-so-little guy received some Whoo-hoo news in regards to being admitted to his college of choice AND in receiving a scholarship to said college.  It's been a wonderful month around here - one to remember and treasure forever!!!



cucki said...

cant wait to see your pictures..
huge hugs x

Meari said...

Looking forward to seeing photos.

Congrats on doing well with SFS.

Faith... said...

Congrats on the scholarship news; that must be a big relief. Hope you can get in some stitching soon.

Congrats on staying with in the budget!