Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I think we'll name her "Puffs"**

So, Shelby was happily dozing on our bed.  We left sleeping puppy to her sweet slumber and went to the family room to watch a movie.  About 10 minutes later, hubby walks in to check on said puppy. Through hysterical laughter, he said, "grab your camera".  I was ready for a huge puppy mess.  Instead, I was met with this....goofy puppy has box of tissues on her head.  Funny thing was, she was wagging her tail, not acting like anything was different.  I said "Shelby, what have you done?"  She looked up at me, tail still wagging, like she was saying "What????  Things are good here...nothing to see, move along."  LOL

We love this goofy little girl SO much!!!

Hope this makes you smile!

Hugs and Grace,
(**  in case anyone from the company that makes "Puffs tissues" want a new advertising campaign, I'm thinking "Picky puppies choose Puffs".  Have your peeps call Shelby's peeps and we'll make a deal)   Hee hee


Annie said...

Haha! Soo cute! What would we do without these wonderful furry creatures who make us laugh soo much and love us unconditionally?!!


Barb said...

Very funny. I think that would make an adorable commercial!

Terri said...

Too cute! Silly dog! :-)

Faith... said...

How cute! Can't wait to see Shelby in her first Puffs commercial - LOL ;)

Meari said...

LOL... Too funny! And I love your slogan. I think you should send your story and photo to Puffs. :)