Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stitch from Stash - March

Well, we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later.  I fell of the "Stitch from Stash" wagon this month.  Yup, I caved...

Here are my purchased pretties...

Labyrinths and Inlays by Vickery Collections

CT2 by AAN
(I plan to stitch this design on a piece of dark blue fabric w/ white silk and beads that are already in my stash)

My grand total of damage this month is $15.25.  CT2 was $8.50 and Labyrinths was $6.75.
Once my wolf gets finished (I still have a boatload of back-stitching to do!), it will be fun to start something new!
Hugs and Grace,


Esmeralda said...

Beautiful new paterns :)
Spent your money good
Love especially the tree

Barb said...

At least you chose some very pretty designs!

Clare - Aimetu said...

If you are going to buy then buy big and beautiful - and you sure did - lovely designs :-)

cucki said...

Beautiful new projects..
Happy stitching xx

Faith... said...

Well at least you didn't fall to far! :) I love your new patterns and look forward to seeing you start them.

Meari said...

Oooh, I like that tree!